Scientific software reviews

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BMI BMI 5.3 Scientific
BMI allow you to calculate your Body Mass Index based on your height and weight.
BalancePro BalancePro 5.7 Scientific
BalancePro is much more then a metric conversion program.
DisSolver DisSolver 1.0.1 Scientific
DisSolver manages databases of chemicals and formulae, automating exacting but tedious calculations.
Calendar X Calendar X 10.2.7 Scientific
Calendar X is a heavy duty perpetual calendar that offers views across many Calendar disciplines.
Pfaat Pfaat 1.0 Scientific
Pfaat is a Java-based protein sequence alignment application designed to facilitate the analysis, curation, and annotation of large protein sequence families.
Stargazers Delight Stargazers Delight 6.2 Scientific
Stargazer's Delight, a fully featured desktop planetarium and sky simulator, is a comprehensive and entertaining guide to the heavens for first time stargazers as well as ambitious hobby astronomers.
Panoply Panoply 2.1.4 Scientific
Java application that plots raster images of latitude-longitude gridded data contained within netCDF datasets.
ODE Module ODE Module 1.3 Scientific
ODE Module is a module that solves initial value problems of sets of coupled first-order differential equations (up to fourteen).
Quantum Fog Quantum Fog 2.0 Scientific
Quantum Fog can model physical situations that exhibit quantum mechanical behavior.
Franklin Franklin 1.7 Scientific
Software for plotting electric field lines and equipotential surfaces around point charges.
ChemBuddy ChemBuddy 1.1a3 Scientific
ChemBuddy is a chemical analysis program for students, chemists, and hobbyists alike.
LabAssistant LabAssistant 1.1 Scientific
LabAssistant is a scientific program, developed to help you organize your (scientific) experiments instead of using multiple timers, stickies, and a labjournal.
Folding@home Folding@home 3.2.5 Scientific
What does Folding@Home do? Folding@Home is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases.
iMol iMol 0.31 Scientific
iMol is a free molecular visualization application for Mac OS X operating system.
ProjectileX ProjectileX 2.1 Scientific
ProjectileX allows the user to visually plot a trajectory of a projectile.
Solar Positioning System Solar Positioning System 1.3 Scientific
Solar Positioning System is able to calculate exactly where you are in the solar system to the nearest planet.
SysQuake LE SysQuake LE 3.1.2 Scientific
SysQuake is a scientific application which permits you to interact directly with your graphics.
DataReader DataReader 1.6.1 Scientific
Data Reader is a scientific application that allows you to read the data from a graph and export to an ASCII file for further processing.
MacClade MacClade 4.06 Scientific
MacClade is a computer program for phylogenetic analysis written by David Maddison and Wayne Maddison.
Mesquite Mesquite 1.0 Scientific
Mesquite is software for evolutionary biology, designed to help biologists analyze comparative data about organisms.
EnzymeX EnzymeX 3.1 Scientific
EnzymeX is a scientific program, developed to help you determine which restriction enzymes you should use to cut your DNA of interest.
ConverTable Planets ConverTable Planets 1.7 Scientific
ConverTable Planets is designed to answer that age-old question, "if a widget weighs 34 stones on Earth, just how many troy ounces would that widget weigh on Mars?" In doing so, ConverTable Planets could be used to teach about unit conversions and gravity.
iSpice iSpice 0.5 Scientific
iSpice is a GUI for Spice.
Starry Night Pro Updater Starry Night Pro Updater 6.0.4 Scientific
See the sky from anywhere on Earth or lift off and visit any solar system body or any location up to 20, light years away.
VMD VMD 1.8.4 Scientific
VMD is a molecular visualization program for displaying, animating, and analyzing large biomolecular systems using 3-D graphics and built-in scripting.