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Calendar X is a heavy duty perpetual calendar that offers views across many Calendar disciplines.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 5238K
Developer: WunderMoosen
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Updated: 27 Jan 2006
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Calendar X is a heavy duty perpetual calendar that offers views across many Calendar disciplines. It computes astronomical events (moon phases, solstice, equinox, moon rise and set, sun rise & set) and displays the information according to the selected calendar system.

Calendar X is a multi functional calendar for Mac OS X.

It supports Julian, Gregorian (in many reforms), Jewish, Islamic, Bahai, Indian Civil, Mayan, Coptic, Ethiopic, Persian, Fasli, Shenshai and Qadimi.

Additionally it will also give date information in Julian, Gregorian, Jewish, Islamic, Bahai", Indian Civil, Mayan, Coptic, Ethiopic, Persian, Fasli, Shenshai, Qadimi, French Revolution, Roman, ISO and Julian Day Number.

Here are some key features of "Calendar X":
Supports Julian, Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic, Bah?'?, Indian Civil, Mayan, Coptic, Ethiopic, Shenshai, Qadimi, Fasli, Persian, Viking, Chinese calendars and date conversions.
Convert a date between many calendar systems.
Very flexible and powerful events calculation engine.
Jump to any Gregorian calendar reform and see how it changed the Calendar.
Supports many different Gregorian Calendar reforms and allows you do define others. Learn how and why the calendar has changed over time.
Define multiple locations and switch between them with a simple menu selection.
Drag your favorite locations from the internal Atlas or define your own from scratch
Easy to use Daily Planner supporting time stamped and To-Do lists with completion flags for both. (Alarms are not supported in this release but will be in an upcoming update.)
Drag a Daily Event and Planner summary from the calendar grid by shift clicking on any date into any text document. The data will be represented in the selected calendar system.
Generates HTML Calendars.
Provides a custom "My Calendar" view which can display two calendar date systems, history, events and planner information as well as primary moon phases and solstice & equinox dates.
Informative 'This Day in History' display that supports speech.
You can define your own 'This Day in History' events.
Daily Diary with spell checking, rulers, graphics and speech.
Charts Moon Phases, Solstice & Equinox, Moon Rise/Set and Sun Rise/Set in all supported calendar systems.
Customize the colors and methods used to mark the calendar.
Customize the starting weekday for the calendar display.
Includes an optional Desktop Calendar.
UNICODE native (Built-in Diary supports UNICODE input).
Supports Mac OS X international language input methods
Intuitive interface
Built-in Software Update and logging facility
Apple Help format Documentation
Great Oatmeal Cookie Recipe
Totally rewritten in Cocoa and Objective-C for Mac OS X.

What's New:
Fixed probelm with Solar Details pre 1904.
Fixed a cosmetic problem with Persian dates in Info window when the date is before the begining of the Persian calendar era.
Applied a workaround for a Framework bug saving the main calendar window position on some systems.

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