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Annotation Annotation 1.0.31 Scientific
Annotation was built primarily for human and animal behavioral labs at major research institutions.
Central Dogma Central Dogma 1.0 Scientific
Central Dogma is a small application for biological translation and back-translation for amino acids and RNA and DNA molecules.
Papers Public Papers Public Preview Scientific
Do you also have dozens of PDF files from your favorite scientific articles scattered in the form of PDF files on your harddrive? Do you also try to desperately archive them by renaming and organizing them in folders? But like the piles of printed articles on your desk, you can't keep up with all the new papers you download and despite all your efforts it has become impossible to find that one article back.
BOXIT BOXIT 2007 Scientific
BOXIT is an easy to use FileMaker Pro relational database that helps collect, store and organize information about all your antibodies, cells, oligos, strains, plasmids/hosts and other biological samples.
Speclight Speclight 1.0 Scientific
Interface for advanced searches using Spotlight, optimized for NMR, can find any kind of document.
iNMR reader iNMR reader 1.6.5 Scientific
The same as iNMR but can save in PDF only.