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DisableTigerFeatures DisableTigerFeatures 1.0.3a Spotlight
So, you've finally got Mac OS X.
SpotlightIndexer SpotlightIndexer 0.2.1b Spotlight
By default, Apple's new "Spotlight" feature in Mac O.
Spodlight Spodlight 1.0 Spotlight
With Apple's new Mac OS X Tiger you can search for files extremely fast via Spotlight.
appHop appHop 0.92 Spotlight
appHop is a wrapper around Spotlight which limits searches to applications only.
AVI Spotlight Metadata Importer AVI Spotlight Metadata Importer 1.0 Spotlight
AVI Spotlight Metadata Importer is an .
Spotless Spotless 1.2.1 Spotlight
Spotless is a simple utility designed to enable and disable Spotlight's auto indexing of volumes with the click of a button.
Spotlight for WordPerfect Spotlight for WordPerfect 3.6 Spotlight
Spotlight for WordPerfect is an importer file that causes Spotlight index of WordPerfect files, including contents and metadata.
Ziplight Ziplight 1.1.1 Spotlight
Ziplight lets you search inside zip files quickly and easily.
Unofficial EyeTV.mdimporter Unofficial EyeTV.mdimporter 0.2 Spotlight
Unofficial EyeTV.
Spotlaser Spotlaser 1.3.1 Spotlight
Every file on your computer has name, location, date and contact information, but it's not up to you to remember all this, that's what computers are for! You may know part of a file's name, information that a file contains, or other related information about a file.
Rebuild Spotlight Index By SW Rebuild Spotlight Index By SW 2.7 Spotlight
Rebuild Spotlight Index By SW when run, forces Mac OS X 10.
delimport delimport 0.2 Spotlight
delimport - Index your del.
QuarkXPress Filter for Spotlight QuarkXPress Filter for Spotlight 1.0 Spotlight
The QuarkXPress Filter for Spotlight enhances the capabilities of the Spotlight feature.
Python Metadata Importer Python Metadata Importer 1.0.6 Spotlight
Allows Spotlight to import and index Python script source code.
SpotMeta SpotMeta 0097 Spotlight
SpotMeta attaches Spotlight-searchable custom tags, category information and annotations to any file or folder on your computer.
NotLight NotLight 1.4 Spotlight
NotLight is a simple Spotlight front-end substitute.
Searchlight Searchlight 1.2 Spotlight
Searchlight brings Apple's Spotlight to the network.
Mellel Spotlight Plugin Mellel Spotlight Plugin 1.6.5 Spotlight
Mellel Spotlight Plugin is a plugin that makes Mellel documents searchable.
BSP BSP 1.2.0 Spotlight
BSP is a Mac OS X system preference pane that allows you to configure additional categories into Spotlight.
Acta Importer for Spotlight Acta Importer for Spotlight 1.1 Spotlight
Install Acta Importer for Spotlight into a Library/Spotlight folder to enable Spotlight searching of Acta outlines.
Google Importer Google Importer 1.0.1 Spotlight
When you begin a Spotlight search, Spotlight Importer will instantly grab the top results from Google and show them right next to the files from your computer.
NeoLight NeoLight 1.1 Spotlight
NeoLight is a Spotlight plug-in that allows Spotlight to index metadata and content within the files created by NeoOffice/J and OpenOffice.
Anthracite Spotlight Importer Anthracite Spotlight Importer 1.0 Spotlight
The Anthracite Spotlight importer works with Anthracite (sold separately) and Spotlight to enable users to search web mining results, process descriptions, and source URLs directly from the desktop, making it easier than ever to integrate web mining directly into the daily workflow.
Ninjar Ninjar 1.0 Spotlight
Ninjar is a Spotlight importer that allows OS X to index the content of .
Desk Lamp Desk Lamp 0.10 Spotlight
Desk Lamp is a flexible desktop search tool which focuses the power of Apple's Spotlight search technology on your documents, projects and work flows.