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Smile full edition Smile full edition 3.1.8 Scientific
Smile is an integrated working and production environment for viewing and analyzing numerical data of any sizes, and produce professional graphical documents.
SmartDog SmartDog 1.1.1 Scientific
SmartDog searches web pages and fetches only what you want.
HPop HPop 1.2 Scientific
HPop is a POP email checker with filter actions.
MacGDE MacGDE 2.3 Scientific
MacGDE is a set of programs for multiple sequence alignment and analysis.
FinchTV FinchTV 1.4.0 Scientific
The popular way to view DNA sequence traces on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Solaris.
biOpen biOpen 2.3 Scientific
biOpen® is a new and unique nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis and structure visualization software based on dynamic integration of analysis tools.
OpenLab OpenLab 5.0.2 Scientific
Openlab – a modular concept Openlab has been designed as a modular product to provide you with the freedom to make the right choices to fit with your budget, imaging requirements and existing hardware.
Igor Pro Igor Pro 5.05A Scientific
IGOR Pro is an extraordinarily powerful and extensible graphing, data analysis, and programming tool for scientists and engineers.
Avernum Updater Avernum Updater 1.0.2 Scientific
Avernum 1.
SimplEquations SimplEquations 2.0 Scientific
Software that teaches students how to identify significant figures and how to give answers correct to the required number of significant figures.
OTTool OTTool 1.2.1 Scientific
OTTool shows IP and Appletalk configuration parameters within Open Transport.
MathBox MathBox v1.0a17 Scientific
A replacement for the Apple calculator, with memory, and geometric functions.
Solar System Sim Solar System Sim 2.1 Scientific
Solar System Sim simulates N-body problems in three dimensions and visualizes the solution in a compelling display.
D2OL D2OL 2.0 Scientific
The Drug Design and Optimization Lab (D2OL)? works to discover drug candidates against Anthrax, Smallpox, Ebola, SARS and other potentially devastating infectious diseases.
h4profile h4profile 0.6 Scientific
Besides the plot of a profile, the properties of this profile are of interest, e.
MacTopos West Virginia MacTopos West Virginia 1.0 Scientific
Camp, geocache, off-road, hike, and bike West Virginia in style! James Associates, producer of MacGPS Pro software, now offers MacTopos West Virginia for the ultimate topographic digital map solution.
Doctor Geographer Doctor Geographer 3.0.2 Scientific
Doctor Geographer X is a game to learn geography : the capitals city of the world, the flags, to localize the countries and compare the surface area.
CrystalDesigner CrystalDesigner 7.0.2 Scientific
CrystalDesigner is a complete tool for building, studying and visualising all kinds of crystal structures on the Macintosh platform.
Mac GasBlender III Mac GasBlender III 3.0pr3 Scientific
Mac GasBlender is a pure Cocoa Mac OS X freeware for SCUBA divers who are involved with gas blending or with Nitrox, Trimix & Heliox diving.
Solscape X Solscape X 2.4 Scientific
Solscape is a "Solar Data Browser" application that grabs real time, up to the minute images of the Sun in multiple light wavelengths.
Area Properties Area Properties 3.6.1 Scientific
Area Properties allows you to calculate section properties of any solid shape saved as a PICT or Paint (Bitmaps) doc or clipboard.
Mendel Mac (PPC) Mendel Mac (PPC) 1.1 Scientific
Mendel Mac is a chemical elements classification table which provides up to 19 properties per element.
YP Shadow YP Shadow 1.02 Scientific
YP Shadow simulates a light source projecting the shadow of an opaque body on a screen.
YP Electric Field YP Electric Field 1.0 Scientific
YP Electric Field simulates up to 26 point charges (located in the same plane) and draws the lines of force, the equipotential lines and the electric field vectors in the area surrounding the electric charges.
YP Waves YP Waves 1.0 Scientific
YP Waves simulates up to 3 traveling sine waves simultaneously.