Scientific software reviews

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YP Collisions YP Collisions 1.0 Scientific
YP Collisions simulates a two-dimensional collision between two particles.
YP Projectiles YP Projectiles 1.1 Scientific
YP Projectiles is a projectile motion simulator designed for physicsteachers and students.
YP Image YP Image 1.0.1 Scientific
YP Image is designed to assist teachers and students when they study imageformation by mirrors and thin lenses in geometrical optics.
YP Magnetic Force YP Magnetic Force 1.0 Scientific
YP Magnetic Force is a teaching tool for the physics classroom.
YP Reflection YP Reflection 1.0.3 Scientific
YP Reflection is designed to assist teachers and students when they studythe laws of reflection in geometrical optics.
YP Circular YP Circular 1.0.2 Scientific
YP Circular simulates an object in uniform circular motion and/or an objectin simple harmonic motion.
Smell-O-Mints Smell-O-Mints 2.3.2 Scientific
Smell-O-Mints is a Periodic table of the elements for the Macintosh.
OrbiTrack OrbiTrack 2.2b12 Scientific
OrbiTrack is a satellite tracking program that computes look angles, plots satellite positions on a world map.
YP Vectors YP Vectors 1.0 Scientific
YP Vectors is a teaching tool for the physics classroom.
YP Rectilinear Motion YP Rectilinear Motion 1.0 Scientific
YP Rectilinear Motion is targeted toward physics teachers and physics students.
YP DC Circuits YP DC Circuits 2.0 Scientific
YP DC Circuits allows you to build a virtual electric circuit including batteries, resistors and switches, and measure currents and voltages with an ammeter and a voltmeter.
jVisualizer jVisualizer 2.5.1 Scientific
jVisualizer can help reconstruct the patterns found in your chemistry experiment, coupling patterns in NMR spectroscopy, which are sometimes not easy to understand.
Night Sky Night Sky 3.3 Scientific
Night Sky displays the night sky for any latitude, date and time.
Sequence Sequence 5.1 Scientific
Sequence is a program for analysing sequential data,like life events, husband-wife interactions, animalbehavior, newspaper messages about ongoing topics,or interviewer-respondent interactions.
GM-10 Radiation Detector GM-10 Radiation Detector 1.3 Scientific
A geiger counter works by detecting the ionization produced by a radioactive particle.
CrystalMaker CrystalMaker 7.2 Scientific
CrystalMaker makes it easy to load structural data and generate spectacular, photo-realistic images, with the option of breathtaking "out-of-the-screen" 3D stereo (red/blue glasses included).
Our Neighbours Our Neighbours 1.0 Scientific
Our Neighbours is an application that charts the locations of the 70 nearest stars to the sun.
OhmAid OhmAid 1.0 Scientific
OhmAid is a simple graphical program which allows the user to select colors on a 4 or 5 band resistor.
Electron Helper Electron Helper 5.7 Scientific
Electron Helper was made for the electronic hobbiest.
TheSky Astronomy Software Updater TheSky Astronomy Software Updater 5.0.7 Scientific
TheSky is an easy-to-use, full-featured, graphical astronomy program that turns your personal computer into a personal planetarium.
EarthGlobe EarthGlobe 0.9 Scientific
EarthGlobe is a real-time, OpenGL rendered globe.
piX piX 1.02 Scientific
piX is a program that lets you calculate PI up to a jillion decimals.
Sioux Sioux 3.5 Scientific
Simulation of coded aperture imaging systems used in gamma astronomy.
Atom in a Box Atom in a Box 1.0.8 Scientific
Atom in a Box is an application that aids in visualizing the Hydrogenic atomic orbitals, a prime and otherwise unwieldy example of quantum mechanics.
Papier Papier 2.2 Scientific
Papier draws and prints logarithmic, and linear paper, graduated, polar and Smith chart to carry out experimental layouts in college, university and large schools.