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FreeDMG FreeDMG 0.5.4b Compression Tools
FreeDMG is a freeware program that is used for drag and drop disk imaging.
Compress Compress 2.1 Compression Tools
Archive a lot of files? Do you wish you had access to more file compression methods than Apple offers from the Finder but without the price of StuffIt? Enter Compress.
RAR for Mac OS X RAR for Mac OS X 5.71 Compression Tools
RAR is a powerful tool which allows you to manage and control archive files.
EDS EDS 0.2.9 Compression Tools
EDS is a GUI front end for rarlabs rar program.
StuffIt Expander StuffIt Expander 11.0.2 Compression Tools
Access virtually any file on the Web! Award-winning StuffIt Expander gives you access to virtually any file you download from the Internet or receive in your email.
StuffIt Deluxe StuffIt Deluxe 11.0.2 Compression Tools
Send files faster, access anything on the Web! Tired of waiting for large email attachments and downloads? Frustrated with files that you can't open? You need StuffIt Deluxe! Award-winning, industry-standard StuffIt Deluxe compresses your files up to 95% smaller than their original size, so they transmit faster.
StuffIt Standard Edition StuffIt Standard Edition 9.0.2 Compression Tools
StuffIt Standard incorporates the functionality of StuffIt Expander™, DropStuff™, DropZip™, and DropTar™ into one convenient program so you can create and access email attachments and downloads with ease! StuffIt Expander gives users quick and easy access to virtually any Internet downloads or email attachments.
Decode da Code Decode da Code 1.5 Compression Tools
Decode da Code is file "decompression" utility which decodes uuencoded and base64-encoded Internet message file attachments, which are two common formats for encoding binary files attached to Internet News and email messages.
MrGZip MrGZip 1.0 Compression Tools
MrGZip is a very simple drag and drop application for compressing files using MacOS X's version of gzip.
PackUpAndGo PackUpAndGo 2.4.1 Compression Tools
PackUpAndGo wraps an easy-to-use, drag and drop GUI around standard Unix archiving and compression utilities.
DropCompress DropCompress 1.4 Compression Tools
DropCompress is a very simple app that gives you the functionality of DropTar, but without the price tag.
RAR Expander RAR Expander 0.85b1 Compression Tools
RAR Expander is a MacOSX program which extracts the files contained in RAR archives.
NoLimits Pack Extractor NoLimits Pack Extractor 1.1 Compression Tools
The NoLimits Pack Extractor enables Mac users to extract the track files and extra media objects in "SFX Track Packs", which are self extracting track packs in Windows executable format, and the newer ".
Chronicle plugin for XCode Chronicle plugin for XCode 0.9.5 Compression Tools
Chronicle is a code archiving tool, implemented as a plugin for the Xcode IDE distributed with Mac OSX.
zipaes zipaes 1.1 Compression Tools
zipaes can create and expand zip archives encrypted using a 128-bit AES cipher.
dropArchive dropArchive 1.0 Compression Tools
Use dropArchive for a simple way to archive and compress folders/files containing both data and resource forks.
DittoZip DittoZip 1.0 Compression Tools
Mac OS X 10.
MacBinDrop MacBinDrop 1.0 Compression Tools
MacBinDrop is a simple program that when a file is droped into it converts it to MacBinary format.
PDF Enhancer PDF Enhancer 3.1 Compression Tools
PDF Enhancer improves the quality and functionality of your PDF files by correcting any errors or damage in the document, reducing them in size sometimes as much as 90% of their original size, and applying such features as security and linearization! All of this is accomplished while preserving annotations, hyperlinks, and form fields .
bzippy bzippy 1.0 Compression Tools
bzippy is an AppleScript droplet to bzip2 files.
Virtual Shelf Virtual Shelf 1.0b Compression Tools
Are you looking for a way to compress your files to save disk space? Are you looking for true Mac OS X compression and backup software? Everyone around you talks about backup, but you still always forget them ? With Virtual Shelf, discover a new way to archive and backup your data.
Simple Archive Simple Archive 1.0 Compression Tools
Any file or folder dragged onto this script will be copied to the archive folder.
Compactor Compactor 0.8 Compression Tools
By leveraging the powerful built-in command-line tools in OS X, Compactor brings those capabilities into a simple and comfortable user-interface.
FreeStuff FreeStuff 1.0 Compression Tools
FreeStuff is the free alternative to StuffIt Expander and DropStuff.
MiniDropRar MiniDropRar 1.0 Compression Tools
MiniDropRar combines the powerful command-line-based rar tool with the elegance of the Mac OS to make one of the best archival formats available to all.