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Night Sky displays the night sky for any latitude, date and time.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: Kaweah Concepts
Price: $0.00
Updated: 01 Aug 2005
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Night Sky displays the night sky for any latitude, date and time. This includes 20, stars (files with up to 50,071 stars available), the Messier catalog of deep space objects, the planets out to Neptune, the Moon and the Sun.

Untill you register the folowing features are locked:
Print out sky displays.
Save sky displays to PNG and JPEG formats.
Open concurrent star files (up to 5).
"Horizon" mode: view the sky along the horizon, in any azimuthal direction.
"Twilight": render sky displays with continuous variations of light to represent day and night.
Edit star and constellation data.
"Draw Freely": customize sky displays by drawing over them.

What's New:
Compatible with Mac OS 10.2 "Jaguar".
Change time zones from the navigation bar (time zone dialog no longer available).
The time, position, and star detail dialogs are Aqua-based, and no longer block other Night Sky processes. The time dialog is more tolerant of differing number formats. The star detail dialog no longer includes a "Notes" button (it was only included as a placeholder for possible future functionality).
Daylight savings time used in calculations where and when appropriate (determined automatically from time zone).
Longitude used in sky position calculations if set by user (in preferences dialog).
The open file dialog appears only (1) when Night Sky is launched for the first time, and (2) when the user selects the "Open..." menu item.
Auto Constellations screen algorithm improved and made customizable (see below).
Magnitude Density screen algorithm improved.
Kaweah button on navigation bar activated to open the Kaweah web site in the system default browser.
"Please wait" dialog reactivated (was disabled for Night Sky 3.0–3.2).

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