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CRiSP CRiSP 9.0.5b Editors
What started as a Software Programmer’s Editor has now developed into an extremely sophisticated cross-platform File Editing Environment.
AppHack AppHack 1.1 Editors
AppHack is a powerful developer and theming tool to alter, replace or extract the property lists or icons of Mac OS X application bundle packages.
Chipmunk BASIC Chipmunk BASIC 3.6.3b1 Editors
Chipmunk Basic for Mac OS is an old fashioned Basic interpreter which runs on almost all Macs.
SQLEditor SQLEditor 1.3 Editors
SQLEditor is a tool that allows you to create SQL databases graphically.
Rezilla Rezilla 1.0.8 Editors
Rezilla is a resource forks editor for the Macintosh.
Alphatk Alphatk 8.3.3 Editors
Alphatk is a text editor.
Tuna Tuna 1.0.1 Editors
Tuna is a Perl profiler that runs and analyzes Perl programs to find out where the code spent most of its time.
PGnJ PGnJ 0.6 Editors
PGnJ is an application, written in Java, for managing PostgreSQL databases.
RBVersioner RBVersioner 1.1 Editors
RBVersioner is a tool to manage REALbasic "rbx" style plugins.
EdPAD EdPAD 1.2 Editors
EdPAD is useful utility that allows users to create, edit and validate Portable Application Description (PAD) files.
Trunks Trunks 1.2 Editors
Trunks is a simple editor for glossary files (.
General Edit Pro General Edit Pro 2.0.1 Editors
General Edit is a file utility for Mac OS designed to help programmers and other software professionals view or edit data files with complex formats.
General Edit Pro Updater General Edit Pro Updater 2.0.1 Editors
General Edit Pro 2.
SvnX SvnX 0.9.9 Editors
SvnX is an open GUI for Subversion, the compelling replacement for CVS.
Eclipse SDK Eclipse SDK 3.1.2 Editors
The Eclipse Project is an open source software development project dedicated to providing a robust, full-featured, commercial-quality, industry platform for the development of highly integrated tools.
Site Soap Site Soap 1.3.1 Editors
Site Soap allows anyone to quickly and easily optimize their entire website, whether it is an image, a webpage or even a stylesheet, without losing any quality; so what does this mean? It means that pages will load faster (non-broadband users will thank you), your site will use less bandwith and your code will be more readable and compliant.
REALscripter REALscripter PR3 Editors
REALscripter is a powerful, customizable Integrated Development Environment for the RBScript language.
Web Coder Web Coder 1.0.0 Editors
Web Coder is a project-style IDE to help people code web pages.
Pipe Pipe 1.3.4 Editors
Pipe helps you write, test, and debug shell scripts quickly while using your favorite text editor.
Aquamacs Emacs Aquamacs Emacs 0.9.9d Editors
Aquamacs is a Mac-like distribution of the powerful Emacs text editor.
ToolBar ToolBar 2000 7.1 Editors
ToolBar - A toolbar control for REALbasic.
Cach? Monitor Cach? Monitor 0.32 Editors
About Cach? Monitor Cach? Monitor is the SQL development tool designed for InterSystems database Cach?.
Eddie Eddie 0.9.1b Editors
Eddie is a programmers editor for Mac OS X.
TextWrangler scripts TextWrangler scripts 1.0 Editors
TextWrangler scripts is a set of applescripts that enables you to use BBEdit Unix filters in TextWrangler.
i18n i18n 1.0 Editors
Internationalization of a Cocoa application is a labor-intensive task.