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EditPlus EditPlus 4.0 Source Editors
EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor and Java editor for Windows.
Component Conversion Utility Component Conversion Utility 0.6 Source Editors
Converts code between various programming languages (SQL, VB .Net, C, XML, etc.)
ED for Windows ED for Windows Source Editors
Work smarter with this intelligent, power packed programmer's editor and IDE.
Database Gate Database Gate 1.9 Source Editors
SQL editor able to connect to every kind of database using ODBC with tools
XLnow OnScript XLnow OnScript 2.1.568 Source Editors
VBScript editor & integrated tool for writing and running scripts on Windows.
PrEditor PrEditor 2.1 Source Editors
A fully customisable syntax colouring programmer's editor for any language.
DzSoft Perl Editor DzSoft Perl Editor Source Editors
Classic and powerful Perl CGI scripts editor with interated debugging features
EditPad Pro EditPad Pro 8.1.2 Source Editors
Convenient, powerful and versatile text editor to edit all kinds of text files
SynTree SynTree 0.4 Source Editors
Tree-like organizer with code syntax highlight and autocomplete
Polystyle Source Code Formatter Polystyle Source Code Formatter 3.3u Source Editors
Code Formatter For HTML PHP ASP C++ Java JSP XML Visual Basic Delphi C# CSS
Perl Builder Perl Builder 2.0m Source Editors
Perl Builder is a complete development tool for perl and cgi.
Regent Regent 1.2.5 Source Editors
Regent creates search and replace regular expression from text example.
Rainbow IDE Rainbow IDE 1.4 Source Editors
This powerful IDE lets you go from source code to emulation in seconds!
VbsEdit VbsEdit 9.0868 Source Editors
VBScript editor that dramatically reduces the time you spend writing VBS scripts
BVRDE BVRDE 1.4 Source Editors
BVRDE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++.
PSPad editor PSPad editor Source Editors
PSPad editor is a programmers editor supporting multiple syntax highlighting.
txtPro Text Editor txtPro Text Editor 4.25 Source Editors
All-in-one multi language code and script editor with color syntax highlighting.
Code Chameleon Code Chameleon 2.1 Source Editors
Easily format, optimize, cleanup and edit source code and web pages.
Neoxen Qwined 2006 Neoxen Qwined 2006 5.3 Source Editors
Neoxen Qwined is the first Embedded Technical Editor in the world
Oceantiger's Editor Oceantiger's Editor 3.6 Source Editors
Powerfull sourcecode editor with custimizable color highligting feature.
ChScite ChScite 1.55 Source Editors
ChScTE IDE is a Ch IDE to edit and run C, Ch and C++ programs.
WEB-ED Webpage and Scripting Editor WEB-ED Webpage and Scripting Editor 5.88.610 Source Editors
An editor for HTML, VBScript, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP
Regular Expression Laboratory Regular Expression Laboratory 2.0 Source Editors
RX Laboratory is a simple tool to help you learn and make regular expressions.
CNC Syntax Editor CNC Syntax Editor Source Editors
CNC programs editor with specific tools, features and syntax highlighting
VS.Php for Visual Studio .Net 2003 VS.Php for Visual Studio .Net 2003 Source Editors
VS.Php is the php editor for Visual Studio .Net 2003 developers