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BlitzMax BlitzMax 1.0 Compilers
BlitzMax is the new, next generation game programming language from Blitz Research.
py2app py2app 0.2 Compilers
A distutils extension which converts python scripts into executable Mac OS X applications, able to run without requiring an existing Python installation.
RBSplitView RBSplitView 1.1.3 Compilers
RBSplitView is a replacement for Cocoa's NSSplitView.
Apple Xcode Apple Xcode 2.4.1 Compilers
Xcode features dead-code stripping, remote debugging, speed improvements to the gnu C++ compiler, or gcc, code completion for Java and AppleScript, native build system support for AppleScript, an enhanced debugger with memory and globals browsers and the ability to display file static variables, faster editor performance, ant templates, documentation bookmarks and speed improvements.
Axiomatic Multi-Platform C Axiomatic Multi-Platform C 1.5.2 Compilers
AMPC offers you a C Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that generates Java Bytecode.
PList Compiler PList Compiler 0.4 Compilers
PList Compiler lets you build localized and non-localized plist files from plc and ploc source files.
Io Io 1.0 Compilers
Io is small prototype-based programming language.
CMake CMake 2.2.3 Compilers
Welcome to CMake, the cross-platform, open-source make system.
MacJAD MacJAD 1.0 Compilers
MacJAD is a Cocoa-based Java decompiler based on the JAD decompiler.
SSLisp SSLisp 0.2 Compilers
SSLisp is a simplistic command line interface (pure) LISP interpreter.
MacInstallerBuilder MacInstallerBuilder 3.6.2 Compilers
MacInstallerBuilder allows you to create customized installers for System 7.
METAL METAL 1.7.3 Compilers
One of the fastest BASICs around, METAL (Meta Language) has a rich command library that features tight QuickTime(TM) integration, amazingly fast Sprite System, sound, graphics, speech, math, system and file I/O routines, standalone production, extensive documentation (reference & on-line help) and numerous examples for every type of use.
SDE for JBuilder SP3 Professional Edition SDE for JBuilder SP3 Professional Edition 3.3 Compilers
SDE for JBuilder gives you a full-featured UML modeling application seamlessly integrated with JBuilder.