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PGnJ is an application, written in Java, for managing PostgreSQL databases.

License: Freeware
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
File size: 1974K
Developer: Thomas Mango
Price: $0.00
Updated: 30 Jun 2006
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PGnJ is an application, written in Java, for managing PostgreSQL databases. Unlike many database management applications, PGnJ provides (and will continue to provide more) extended functionality and information by generating and running SQL statements. By doing this, it is easy to create a unified interface rather than having, for instance, one window to view table information, one window to view data and another completely separate window for running arbitrary SQL statements. PGnJ provides a single, un-congested window for a single connection. I feel that this interface design is much cleaner and generally more enjoyable to use than other implementations of database management applications.

Here are some key features of "PGnJ":
Connect from connection bookmarks
Create new connection bookmarks
Table list loaded when connection established
View table data by double clicking a table
Get column names, types and primary keys
Execute arbitrary SQL statements
Open multiple browser windows
Load SQL from file
Save SQL to file
Export data to CSV and HTML.

What's New:
Table details are now lazy loaded rather than fetching them on connect. This makes connecting to databases almost instantaneous.
Added support for sequences when using PostgreSQL. Double click a sequence to open the alter sequence wizard.
Added ability to double click a view and bring it up the pageable table data editor in non-editable mode - thanks, Mark!
Added a window manager that cleanly closes database connections of all windows before disposing each window.
Added a cancel button to the query editor to stop a query from executing.
Added a cancel button to the data browser to stop table data from loading.
Added a cancel button to the connection sheet to stop a hanging connecton.
Error checking added to bookmark manager / connector to prevent corruption of the bookmarks.xml file - thanks, Lorgio!
Sheets no longer displayed when SQLException gets thrown. Exception only displays in status bar (tool tip available).
Password field is now disabled while trying to connect.
Table Data Editor now displays total row count of entire table instead of the number of rows showing.
Updated Quaqua LAF to version 3.6.6.

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