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MacInstallerBuilder allows you to create customized installers for System 7.

License: Shareware
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
File size: 14102K
Developer: SDE Software
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Price: $69.00
Updated: 10 Jul 2006
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MacInstallerBuilder allows you to create customized installers for System 7.1 through Mac OS X.

Here are some key features of "MacInstallerBuilder":
Build installers for Macintosh and Windows.
All files are now archived rather than just a link in the document;
Encode installers in AppleSingle, BinHex, and MacBinary;
Display multiple banners/pictures while installing;
Create discreet installers, and disable the installer log;
202 install locations for Macintosh and Windows, and domain support for Mac;
System/condition check for every file before installing;
Restart Mac or PC at the end of the installation;
Serial/Password security system, including Registration via SMTP
Accept/Decline and Language support;
Installer Options: disable logs, authorization for Mac OS X, hide destination in installer;
Add trials to your installers;
Multiple packages for custom installs;
Network installs via HTTP protocol;
Tasks include: alias/links, launch, login items, Open Application in Classic, and add to Dock;
Colorize installers;
QuickTime checking.

30 days trial period.

What's New:
Broken link fixed for destination other.
Installer can also now create a desktop alias/shortcut
Fixed a broken link with the OS checking.
Cancel button in installer will now stop linked files copying.
Installer now calculates linked file's size.
Can now suppress condition checks on folders.
Mac OS X permissions in Windows menu now applies properly.
Carbon installers will now create alias of folders
Now apply conditions to enclosed folder items
Built carbon installers will no longer try to launch in classic mode.

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