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SDE for JBuilder gives you a full-featured UML modeling application seamlessly integrated with JBuilder.

License: Shareware
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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Developer: Visual Paradigm International Ltd.
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Updated: 17 Nov 2006
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SDE for JBuilder gives you a full-featured UML modeling application seamlessly integrated with JBuilder.

Code Round-Trip Engineering through JBuilder Integration

SDE-JB can be integrated with Eclipse to perform code generation, code reverse engineering and incremental synchronization between code and UML model.

Object-Relational Mapping Layer Generation

SDE-JB automates the mapping between Java objects and relational database by generating the Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) layer, which not only preserves the data, but also the state, foreign/primary key mapping, and differences in data types and business logic.

EJB Modeling Support

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) enables distributed, transactional, secure and portable applications deployment, it is powerful yet complicated. SDE-JB simplified EJB development dramatically with our well-proven visual modeling approach. Just draw EJB diagrams and follow step-by-step wizards, our tool will generate beans for your application development and deployment.

Creating Professional Technical Documentation

Visual Paradigm's Report Writer enables you to customize the documentation content, style and format in whatever way you like. The built-in Microsoft Word-like word processor provides rich formatting options that it is easy to create documentation that conform to the your corporate standards. The content of documentation and UML model can be linked simply by drag-and-drop. You can be sure that the technical documentation and the UML model are always synchronized.

Instant Reverse Engineering

With a wide coverage of input source including Java (sources and classes), .NET (dll and exe), C++, CORBA IDL, Database via JDBC, you can virtually reverse engineering anything into UML models instantly with our Instant Reverse facility.

Collaborative Development Environment

Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server facilitates a collaborative development environment by providing a sophisticated version control mechanism for your development team, yet its setup and configuration is simple and easy. All complex operations like project compare/merge and conflicts resolution are made transparent to the team member. Your team can thus focus on the development rather than tedious version control issues.

Full UML 2.0 Notations Support

Already got familiar with the UML 2.0 notations and looking for the right CASE tool? SDE-JB is your choice. SDE-JB not only supports UML 2.0 diagrams and model specification, but also provides the most intuitive visual modeling interface that lets you model your system easier and more efficient than using other tools.

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