FileXaminer 2.5.7 review

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FileXaminer is the premier "Get Info" utility for Mac OS X.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Gideon Softworks, Inc.
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Updated: 15 Sep 2006
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FileXaminer is the premier "Get Info" utility for Mac OS X. Get Info is a file/folder attribute editing application that is easier to use and more powerful than competing products. Since the first release, the developer has taken the time to simplify and refine the Get Info User Interface.

They looked at what you would need to use Get Info for and came up with things like batch mode, Privilege Presets, Type/Creator favorites, dock menu support, and our extensive Finder Hot Key support. All these features allow you to get your work done faster.

Here are some key features of "FileXaminer":
Works with Path Finder
FileXaminer Hot Keys can be used with Path Finder
FileXaminer can be used as a Get Info helper
Mac OS X Label Support
Image Buddy - Easily resize/convert graphic files.
Edit text file as root - Easily edit files as the root user - useful for configuration files.
Authenticate as an Administrator to perform all actions
Create and delete system Groups (without using NetInfo manager)
Change UNIX permissions
Delete files as administrator using FileXaminer Super Delete
Custom icon editing
External icon editor support
Change owner and group
Unique privilege presets make easy work of locking down your files and folders; no UNIX experience necessary
Change creation and modification dates
Change Macintosh type and creator codes
Lock and unlock files
Set user ID, set group ID bits on files
Set the sticky bit on folders
Work on multiple files at the same time using batch mode
Change type/creator
User and group
Lock and unlock files
Modify custom icons
Change creation and modification dates
Type and creator favorites
Recursive owner, group, and permission settings
Services support
External hex editor support
Dock Menu support
Force empty trash
Copy paths of Finder selection to clipboard
Batch Get Info on Finder selection
Get Info on Finder selection
Finder Hot Key Support
Copy paths of selected files to clipboard (Command-Option-C)
Get Info on selection (Command-Option-I)
Batch Get Info on selection (Command-Option-B).

7 days demo.

What's New:
Added tie ins for other cool shareware apps
Cleaned up image buddy interface
Image display in image buddy and preview window is now handled better
Image buddy is no longer textured
Added support to Copy Path CM for the HFS ":" separator ( hold option while selecting copy path )
FIXED : Batch get info would crash if user cancelled adding an item
FIXED : size calculation bug for packaged applications.

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