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Have you ever needed a serial number to a program only to find you have lost it? If so, download The Serial Keeper today.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Steven Byrd
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Updated: 09 Mar 2006
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Have you ever needed a serial number to a program only to find you have lost it? If so, download The Serial Keeper today.

The Serial Keeper keeps track of the program names and serial numbers for any program.

Here are some key features of "The Serial Keeper":
Information List
a list where all your software, website passwords, and everything else is listed, along with the name of the contact.

Entry Types
different types of information can be stored. For example, save website login information or a simple check book. You can make up any or use the default ones. Also, you can change how the information is displayed using the Entry Type Editor. It's all in your control!

Hidden Entries
a list that you can add entries to so they don't show up in the Information List. This saves space with entries that are no long relevant, but you want to save.

Contact Database
a place where you can store contact information so you wont have to reenter that information ever again.

Serials/Info List
No more duplicate entries for the same software title but different versions. You can use this list to store all the serial numbers you have for that software title or different accounts for a bank or website.

Information Editor
Where you enter information at. The fields to enter information change depending on the Entry Type.

Password Protected
Each database can be protected by a password and each database is encrypted no matter what.

What's New:
[New] The Information List (Entries list) now has a disclosure triangle. This expands to show the rows in the Info/Serials List contents.
[New - OS X Only] Info/Serials sheet -- an OS X sheet window is now available when holding the Option key and selecting an entry. In that sheet you can double click the info and that will bring up the Information Editor.
[New] Entries can now be exported/imported to/from XML. The XML isn't that greatly implemented and can't import XML from other programs.
[New] A Hidden Entries list has been added. It's now possible to hide an entry from being shown. This is useful when you have a lot of entries that aren't needed, but you want to save them and not see them. You must unhide the entry in order to edit/view it.
[New] Open Recent menu added. This is to conform more with Mac OS's HIG.
[New] Exporting info from the Info/Serials list is now implemented.
[New] You can now hide the Contact and Shown Info columns in the Entry List. This is controlled in the Database Preferences (Edit Menu).
[New] A rebuild/compact menu item has been added. This menu item allows for a compacting of the database.
[Change] Deleting multiple entries at one time is now possible.
[Change] Opening multiple entries at one time is now possible. That is, if you select multiple entries and click "Edit..." those entries will open.
[Change] The Info/Serials list now has strips. That is, every other row has a user selectable background color.
[Change] The Info Editor (New Entry or Edit Entry) windows now stagger on top of each other a little -- this is a basic stagger and may not work properly in some situations.
[Change] The carbon (OS X) runs as Mach-O now -- which should increase performance. However, this means that the carbon version will no longer run under OS 9. This decision was made because the PPC version worked better then the carbon version under OS 9.
[Change] Other changes here and there.
[Fix] Copying entries to other files is possible once again. You do this by dragging/dropping files from and to other files.
[Fix] Copying Info/Serial rows is possible once again. You do this by dragging/dropping those rows in the Info/Serials List.
[Fix] Assigning a new Contact in an Entry that was opened during creation of said contact now works.
[Fix] Info Editor did not have a title.
[Fix] New or Edit Info Editor gives title to the Entry Editor.
[Fix] Contact info (snail mail and net address) listbox's contents now line up with each other.
[Fix] Other bugs here and there.

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