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Primer Premier is a comprehensive primer design tool with multiple features.

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Updated: 06 Jan 2006
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Primer Premier is a comprehensive primer design tool with multiple features.

Design high amplification efficiency primers for PCR, sequencing and hybridization. Design cross species and pathogen detection primers in highly conserved regions using integrated multiple sequence alignment.

Here are some key features of "Primer Premier":
PCR primer design- design primer pairs for PCR and multiplex experiments.
Cross species- Amplify sequences from multiple species.
Pathogenic detection- Locate oligos in highly conserved regions.
Allele specific- Exclusively amplify a single member of a set of related sequences.
Degenerate- Start with an amino acid sequence, reverse translate and design oligos in regions of low degeneracy automatically.
Nested/multiplex- Checking homology among multiple candidate oligos.
Restriction enzyme and motif analysis- Select from the database of over 800 enzymes and 200 common motifs.
Clustal W alignments- Load the aligned sequences after performing ClustalW alignment using any resource, including EBI.
Multiple sequence alignment- Use the popular Clustal W algorithm to align sequences from your desktop (available in Windows version only).
Algorithm- Calculates Tm using Breslauer values.
Long PCR- Handles sequences up to 50 KB.

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