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Super Get Info is a file and folder info utility for Mac OS X.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 835K
Developer: Bare Bones
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Updated: 26 Jul 2006
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Super Get Info is a file and folder info utility for Mac OS X.

It offers a flexible, user-friendly alternative to the Finder's "Get Info" command, allowing you to easily change file type info and permissions, edit comments, and preview file contents.

Super Get Info was designed to address the numerous shortcomings of the Mac OS X Finder's "Get Info" command. Specifically, it allows you to take the following actions (most of which aren't possible using the Finder's Info window): open one information window for each selected Finder item, so you can view (and change) multiple selected items discretely; view and edit the Mac OS type and creator codes for a given file; view and edit Unix owner, group, and permission settings; empty the Trash with authentication to remove privileged files; and much more!

Here are some key features of "Super Get Info":
View and edit the Macintosh type and creator codes associated with a file
Change type and creator codes with drag and drop, or with a pop-up menu configurable with your favorite settings
View and edit the Unix owner, group, and permission settings associated with a file or folder
Apply folder permission settings to all enclosed items
Change a file or folder's creation and modification dates
Copy (or drag and drop) a file or folder's path info
"Open With" contextual menu plug-in
Easily navigable tabbed interface
And more!

What's New:
Now allows customers to change folder and file permissions and ownership on AppleShare server volumes.
This new version also includes maintenance fixes to reported issues.

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