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Binary Clock Binary Clock 0.6 Calculate
This widget shows the time using binary numbers.
New Day Calendar Widget New Day Calendar Widget 1.1 Calculate
New Day Calendar Widget displays a full month calendar along with the current Baha’i date, sunrise/sunset times and marking of all Baha’i Holy Days.
VecScreen Widget VecScreen Widget 1.0 Calculate
The VecScreen widget provides a quick access to the system at NCBI for quickly identifying segments of a nucleic acid sequence that may be of vector origin.
ORF Finder widget ORF Finder widget 1.0 Calculate
ORF Finder widget provides a quick access to the graphical tool at NCBI which finds all open reading frames in your sequence.
Internet Time Internet Time Calculate
The Internet Time Widget displays the current Internet Time in .
MultiDash MultiDash 3.0 Calculate
MultiDash allows you to create different Dashboard workspaces and easily switch between them.
Countabout Countabout 1.2 Calculate
Countabout is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget that makes keeping track of daily-changing numerical values simple and convenient.
MetaCalc MetaCalc 1.0 Calculate
MetaCalc is a JavaScript based scientific/programmers Calculator.
Piggy Bank Piggy Bank 2.0 Calculate
With this widget you can easily figure out how much money you will be able to save each month and see where it all goes.
Unix Permissions Widget Unix Permissions Widget 1.0 Calculate
Unix Permissions Widget allows users to easily figure out the binary equivalent of permissions for files and directories.
Monthly Monthly 1.2.1 Calculate
Monthly is a Dashboard widget that displays the current date as an analog ring.
LiveCargo Widget LiveCargo Widget 3.5.1 Calculate
This elegant widget allows you to send files up to 100mb for free.
ByteCalc Widget ByteCalc Widget 0.3 Calculate
ByteCalc widget shows the users input as byte, kbyte, mbyte, and gbyte.
DashCounter DashCounter 1.0 Calculate
DashCounter is a simple widget that counts how many times you've activated the Dashboard environment.
Pirate Translator Pirate Translator 1.2 Calculate
The English to Pirate translator converts plain English into Pirate.
Basic melting temperature widget Basic melting temperature widget 1.0 Calculate
The Basic melting temperature widget allows to calculate the melting temperature of a nucleic acid sequence.
Docx Converter Docx Converter 1.1 Calculate
In Office 2007 Microsoft introduced a new file format called the Microsoft Open Office XML Format (.
Percentages Percentages 0.1.1 Calculate
Percentages - A small Dashboard widget to easily calculate percentages 1.
Proportions Proportions 0.1.1 Calculate
Proportions is a small widget to easily calculate arithmetic proportions.