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Amazon Search Amazon Search 2.4 Shopping
Sends your Amazon search straight to your web browser with localization preferences for Amazon’s regional web sites.
eBay Widget eBay Widget 3.5.1 Shopping
An English eBay search bar with a pull out tray of the last 12 things other users have searched for with the widget.
Computer Finder Computer Finder 1.0 Shopping
Search for computers, software, peripherals, MP3 players and more right from your desktop.
eBay Watcher eBay Watcher 4.0 Shopping
This is a Dashboard widget that monitors an item on eBay.
Amazon top10 Amazon top10 1.1 Shopping
With the Amazon top 10 dashboard widget you can keep track of the top selling books in your favorite category.
Freeware Daily Special Daily Special 1.48 Shopping
Each day a hugely-discounted product from Apple's online store is temporarily made available until it sells out.
GimmiAmazon GimmiAmazon 0.2.1 Shopping
GimmiAmazon shows Amazon search results without browsers.
Freeware 1.1.3 Shopping
At Woot.
The Holidays Widget The Holidays Widget 1.0.1 Shopping
The Holidays Widget brings selected gift ideas and best deals straight to your dashboard.
Servisoft Dashboard Widget Servisoft Dashboard Widget 1.3 Shopping
Servisoft Dashboard Widget allows quick searching in the whole Servisoft product catalog, which includes over 7, hardware and software accessories for Mac, iPod and Windows, available in Portugal and Spain.
Freeware Widget Widget 1.2.6 Shopping
At Woot.
Threadless Threadless 1.0 Shopping
Browse the catalog of Threadless.
Easy eBay Easy eBay 1.0 Shopping
Search international eBay stores and eBay Motors from your desktop just by revealing your Dashboard.
Hotcakes’ Gallery Calendar Widget Hotcakes’ Gallery Calendar Widget 2.0 Shopping
Hotcakes’ Gallery Calendar Widget gives a quick, visual snapshot of current and upcoming shows at Hotcakes, one of the Midwest’s hottest art galleries.
Compare UK prices Compare UK prices 1.1 Shopping
Let the Shop360.
dealmac Widget dealmac Widget 2.1.1 Shopping
This widget gets the latest deals from dealmac, dealnews, dealram, dealcoupon and dealcam.
Dog-matic Dog-matic 1.1 Shopping
Displays one of the thousands of pictures of Dog Friends at the Small Dog Electronics web site.
myAmazon (de) myAmazon (de) 2.0 Shopping
With myAmazon (de) Widget you may search for any product listed there and easily buy the product you wanted right out of your browser.
GHC Apple Centre Search GHC Apple Centre Search 1.0 Shopping
Easily search for all your Macs, software & accessories at the GHC.
Freeware Search Widget Search Widget 1.2 Shopping
Search and find in over 2 million book titles in Austrian directly from your Dashboard.
Freeware Tracker Tracker 1.1 Shopping
Dancewear Search Dancewear Search 2.0 Shopping
Dancewear Search widget will search Dancewear Edinburgh's catalogue and display the results in the widget allowing you to browse our catalogue from your Dashboard.
Genius Bar Widget Genius Bar Widget 1.1b Shopping
Genius Bar Widget mnitors the Genius Bar queue at your friendly local Apple Store.
Freeware Daily Special CANADA Daily Special CANADA 1.48 Shopping
Each day a number of hugely-discounted products from Apple's Canada online store are temporarily made available until they sell out.
Apple Order Status Apple Order Status 1.5.2 Shopping
Can’t wait for your Apple Store order? No need to check Apple’s Order Status page constantly, just load up this widget and enter your order number and zip code.