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CharacterPal CharacterPal 4.0 Reference Widgets
CharacterPal is a widget that helps you remember how to type any special character.
Astronomy Picture of the Day Astronomy Picture of the Day 2.0 Reference Widgets
Wake up each morning to a beautiful picture of space provided by NASA.
Wikipedia Wikipedia 0.9.1 Reference Widgets
Wikipedia pulls up entire wikipedia articles, complete with pictures, for viewing from the Dashboard.
Bedrock BioRhythm Bedrock BioRhythm 1.1 Reference Widgets
The system of three basic human energy cycles.
Word of the Day Word of the Day 1.00 Reference Widgets
This widget will display the Word of the Day from dictionary.
Type Cast Type Cast 1.0.1 Reference Widgets
Type Cast is a font preview/info widget.
Losungen Losungen 2.0 Reference Widgets
Get your daily Bible verses in nine languages! Available languages: English, German, Afrikaans, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Norwegian and Portuguese.
iPod Finder iPod Finder 1.1 Reference Widgets
iPod Finder can instantly find detailed information on every iPod model ever made, spanning back to the original 5 GB iPod all the way up to the newest color screen models.
D.I.Y Widget D.I.Y Widget 1.0 Reference Widgets
Want to improve your home? Do It Yourself! Brings home repair and improvement tips to your Dashboard.
Moments Widget Moments Widget 1.1 Reference Widgets
We all love to keep photos of our dears on our desk.
Docklets Docklets 1.0 Reference Widgets
Travel Widgets presents Docklets, a fun and new way to use the dock and web elements in your Dashboard.
Fact of the Day Fact of the Day 1.1 Reference Widgets
Fact of the Day Widget will display the Fact of the Day from coolquiz.
Apple Computers Apple Computers 2.3 Reference Widgets
Apple Computers allows you to easily select from almost 40 pieces of Apple hardware from past to present, including the new iMacs and video iPods.
Area Code Area Code 1.1 Reference Widgets
Area Code widget allows you to easily find out what areas are covered by different area codes.
WikityWidget WikityWidget 1.1 Reference Widgets
Bringing wiki to the Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard.
AstroTimes AstroTimes 2.04 Reference Widgets
AstroTimes widget displays the current Universal Time, the Local Sidereal Time, the current Julian Date and the current Modified Julian Date.
Population Counter Population Counter 3.0 Reference Widgets
Population Counter widget simply calcuates the population of the world.
NK Wakemaru NK Wakemaru 1.0b2 Reference Widgets
NK Wakemaru allows you translate Japanese to Traditional/Simplified Chinese or vice versa.
Guru Guru 1.0 Reference Widgets
Spiritual quotations for daily inspiration.
Postcode Anywhere AddressWare Postcode Anywhere AddressWare 1.01 Reference Widgets
Postcode Anywhere AddressWare - Obtain the full Royal Mail PAF formatted address for anywhere in the UK.
Leo Dictionary Leo Dictionary 1.3 Reference Widgets
Leo Dictionary supports all dict.
TechDictionary Widget TechDictionary Widget 1.7 Reference Widgets
TechDictionary Widget - Online dictionary with a searchable database of over ten thousand terms with definitions.
SeeSS SeeSS 1.0 Reference Widgets
The SeeSS Widget is a quick and handy reference sheet for 140 CSS (1, 2 & 3) properties (proprietary extensions are not included).
AbbreviationZ AbbreviationZ 1.0 Reference Widgets
A widget that allows you to search for abbreviations and acronyms using AbbreviationZ.
UK Yellow Pages UK Yellow Pages 0.7 Reference Widgets
The results are displayed within the widget and with icons to click to the map or homepage.