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Unicode Checker Unicode Checker 1.11
Unicode Checker is an application that displays information for every code point from the Unicode Standard.
Unicode Image Maker Unicode Image Maker 1.13.01
Mini text editor designed to produces graphics output of unicode text
Unicode Font Info Unicode Font Info 1.5.1
Unicode Font Info includes full support for Unicode 3.
Unicode Converter Unicode Converter 1.0.1
Unicode Converter is a simple utility to help provide a way of converting between a displayable character and it's unicode value.
Insert Unicode Insert Unicode 1.0
Insert Unicode is a free AppleScript for Adobe InDesign.
Unicode HTML Generator Unicode HTML Generator 1.0.3
Unicode HTML Generator is an application that can be used to generate static web pages that contain unicode characters not found in the ASCII set.
Univert Univert 0.2.1
Univert is a Universal Unicode Converter, at least as universal as the Unicode implementation in Tcl 8.
Unicode Email Character Count Unicode Email Character Count 1.0
Unicode Email Character Count is an Entourage AppleScript that will count the number of characters in the body of an email - useful when you send email to cell phones.
Unifier Unifier 5.1.2
Convert a batch of Text / HTML Files to Unicode char encoding
Unihan Variant Dictionary Unihan Variant Dictionary 1.1
"Unihan variants" are alternates of characters belonging to the "Unified Han," or "Unihan," section of the Unicode standard.

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