Dossier 2.3.1 review

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Dossier is a full featured information management tool for the Mac.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 2593K
Developer: Vortimac Software
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Price: $24.00
Updated: 10 Aug 2006
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Dossier is a full featured information management tool for the Mac. It is an ideal tool for keeping and organizing notes, to-do lists, passwords, or virtually anything else.

Dossier features an easy to use interface, with multiple documents and multiple simultaneous views per document, smart folders, live search, blogging support, an integrated calendar, encryption, flexible printing of entries, folders, or entire documents, rich text editing, excellent support for export, unlimited undo/redo capability, and many more features typically found in more expensive products.

It offers many powerful features, such as Rendezvous networking, advanced search, "smart" folders to organize entries based on rules, an integrated calendar for tracking entries, Blogger and LiveJournal support for blogging, and more.

Here are some key features of "Dossier":
Familiar interface - familiar Mail interface
Live Search - find and highlight info quickly
Smart Folders - organizes information for you
Rendezvous - share your Dossier over the network
Blogging - Blogger and LiveJournal integration
Calendar - view your entries by date
Multiple Documents - keep multiple Dossiers
Security - keep your data safe.

25 entry limit.

What's New:
Spotlight support
Added support for wiki links and entry autocreation on click.
Added auto-detection of typed links.
Added import of files or folders of text, rtf, rtfd, html, and word documents.
Links dragged from Safari and other browsers now show up properly.
Editor windows now show the title of the entry being edited, instead of the document name.
Fixed a memory leak that occurred when using multiple editing windows on the same entry.
Fixed a bug where the rank column would disappear when toggling between views.
Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when switching between horizontal and vertical views.
Fixed a bug that occurred when dragging an entry from the entry table.
Fixed a bug affecting table synchronization across windows.
Fixed an issue with fonts in the entry view.

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