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The DefBot is an advanced robot and client for use with HotLine servers, it replaces the standard client and has full admin features.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 5520K
Developer: S&M Software
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Updated: 31 Mar 2006
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The DefBot is an advanced robot and client for use with HotLine servers, it replaces the standard client and has full admin features. Allows multiple connections (even to different servers), customized messaging, rule enforcment, file transfers, news access, HotLine Icons display, user history, rule breakers listing, tracker searches, messaging commands for remote bot control, account priority access, anti leech features to prevent users from only downloading, the bot was designed to do everything that a server administrator would need it to do.

15 seconds startup delay.
Some advanced features have been disabled.

What's New:
This is a major upgrade from the last version (which has now expired), it has lots of new features such as chat support, tracker listing engine, new message events and rule enforcement options, see the partial list below:
Fixed some more bugs, such as the one where the server accounts window could only be opened once, and where news items could not be "replied" to.
Changed the design of the Server Accounts window and added buttons which allow for easier account setup, just choose the access level and press the button to automatically setup a set of preferences for the account. It should be useful to some people !
Added remote server account access, no need to have the bot on the same computer as the server anymore, useful if you need to access the server accounts.
The bot now allows you to save any connection preferences from the Server Connections List.
Added Default Preferences, Message Events and Defbot Accounts windows, which can be used when creating new connections, so the preferences for a new connection do not need to be set up from scratch each time.
The bot now saves the window locations and status when quitting and restarting.
Added the server Chat function (both public and private), so you can now use the bot to chat.
Added the User Broadcast feature, the bot can now send administrator messages.
Set up button hiding in some windows, so if the bot is logged into an account without certain privileges the non functioning buttons are removed from view.
Added error messages, so that if a task fails because the bot does not have enough privileges an error window will now tell you that a task failed, instead of nothing happening.
Added the server address to windows, so if the bot is connected to more than one server you know which server a window is for.
Added the directory path to the title in the files window, to make navigating the file system easier.
Allowed for local file list scans, so if the bot is on the same computer as the server it does not have to scan the directories through the server, which makes it much faster!
Added more file types to the ones the bot can recognise, it will now see the icons for prefs, PDF, REALbasic, disk image, stuffit and numerous other image and movie types in the files window.
Added the Multi Tracker, this allows you to list the server on trackers, so you are no longer stuck with only the ones the server is setup with, add as many as you like!
Improved the layout of the menus.
Had a go at making the bot work more nicely with Terra and documented some set up requirements for using the bot with Terra, see the read me titled "Using a Terra Server ?".

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