DOT-TUNES Tracker 0.1a1 review

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DOT-TUNES Tracker is a tracker for iTunes file sharing network.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 946K
Developer: DOT-TUNES
Price: $0.00
Updated: 29 Nov 2005
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DOT-TUNES Tracker is a tracker for iTunes file sharing network.

Introducing DOT-TUNES Tracker!

So, what is the DOT-TUNES Tracker? It is a new application which brings users, music, clients and server apps together.

DOT-TUNES Tracker sits between the Client app and the Server app and allows others to enjoy your music and for you to enjoy theirs.

Within the new DOT-TUNES Server application - on the main server window - you will see a new button 'Add to Tracker'. When you click this button, you can enter the address of a DOT-TUNES Tracker and a name for your Server. When you click 'connect' your server is added to the Tracker.

This new feature is optional and you can disconnect from the tracker at any time.

So, the tracker now contains your server name and the address to which users can connect. The tracker can contain any number of available servers.

Then within the DOT-TUNES Client software you will see the new Tracker tab on the main connection window. Click Tracker and enter a Tracker Address and click connect. You will see a list containing any number of available DOT-TUNES Servers. Simply click a server name to connect to the server.

IMPORTANT! You do not have to add your server to a DOT-TUNES Tracker - so your Server can still remain completely anonymous. You can create a username and password within DOT-TUNES which will prevent unauthorized users accessing your tracks - even if you have added yourself to a tracker.

So, what does all this mean?

1) Now new artists can publish some sample tracks, add them to a tracker and gain exposure.
2) You can connect to many DOT-TUNES servers from within the Client - even though you don't know the addresses of any servers.
3) You can run a Tracker yourself and group some Servers.
4) There can be an unlimited number of Trackers around the web - find a new tracker to find some new servers.

Would you like to run a Tracker? Download and Launch the Tracker, click 'Start Tracker' and that's it. Then send an email to the DOT-TUNES mailing list with your Tracker Address - that will allow others to publish their server details on your tracker.

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