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HotLine Client lets you join a hotline server and make new friends through chat.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Hotsprings Inc.
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Updated: 23 Feb 2006
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HotLine Client lets you join a hotline server and make new friends through chat. You can also download files and post messages.

The Hotline Client enables the following simultaneous, simple-communication features:
• Live chat, conferencing and messaging
• Resumable file transfer (upload and download)
• File viewing within the application
• Web browser integration
• Message posting
• Threaded news posting and access
• Instant searching and filtering of public and private Hotline Server communities.

What's New:
New Features:
Log messages Client users can choose to log their messages. These messages will be stored in an XML format within the Data folder.
Open Download Folder button With one simple click, users now have access to their downloads.
Enhanced file viewing Users will be able to view an expanded array of files, provided they have an application that will run the file. When the user tries to view a .doc file, for example, the Client will launch MSWord, if the user has it installed.
Help buttons on toolbar and other windows Users now have easy access to html help files with the click of a button. Access Chat specific help from the Chat window.
Ban by IP range Server owners can ban by IP range in one of three ways. Check the help page for a full description.
Choice of news Server owners can now offer their users both threaded and messageboard (1.2.3 style) news. Users using the 1.9 Client will be able to access both, 1.7 and newer users will be able to access threaded news only, while users using 1.2.3 Clients will only be able to access message board news.

Issue: An error message occurs when a user attempts to create a file with an apostrophe in it. Solution: The apostrophe is replaced with another character (dash), allowing the file to be created.
Issue: Can’t work with a remote file with a filename greater than 32 characters on a Mac. Solution: The name will be truncated during download.
Issue: An exploit where a malicious user can log on invisibly to a server. Solution: Fixed, no invisible users allowed.
Issue: Transport related error Solution: Functional banners. Error was caused by client attempting to connect to non-existent banner servers.
Issue: Dangerous exploit that allowed users to crash the server by uploading a folder of a specific length. Solution: Fixed.
Issue: Password fields during create user allow the CR character to jump to new line. Solution: Fixed.

Open Transport 1.1.1
Internet or other TCP/IP network connection.

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