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FotoSortierer XL FotoSortierer XL 20.0.0
Sort Photos and delete duplicate Photos with SortPix XL
iRedSoft Sort List iRedSoft Sort List 1.0
Helps you sort list of text in ascending or descending order
Sort Text Lists Alphabetically Software Sort Text Lists Alphabetically Software 7.0
Sort content of files in alphabetical order.
ShellSort ShellSort 1.0
Shell sort is an example AppleScript of a sort using the shell algorithm.
Sort by Field (Entourage) Sort by Field (Entourage) 2.0
The Sort by Field (Entourage) AppleScript adds so much functionality to the sorting capabilities of Entourage that it is impossible to list them all here.
Scan and Sort it Lite Scan and Sort it Lite 8.4
Scan and Sort it is affordable professional archiving software
Excel Sort & Filter List Software Excel Sort & Filter List Software 7.0
Sort and filter lists in MS Excel.
SortableListbox SortableListbox 2.3
SortableListbox is a listbox subclass for REALbasic that can sort normally, numerically or by date, either ascending or descending and also preserves the selection after sorting.
Group Sort X Group Sort X 1.0
Group Sort X will sort the group entries (group members) of either a selected group in the Address Book, or one or more groups you choose from a list, or all your groups - whatever you choose - into alphabetical order by last name in one quick pass.
Nite Flite Script Library Nite Flite Script Library 1.0
Nite Flite Script Library is a collection of script libraries that implement the basic computer science structures (stacks, queues, priority queues), file operations (read, write, and append), and sorting (Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Merge sort, and Quick sort).

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