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Maybe you read a lot about fragmentation of files.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Updated: 19 Sep 2006
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Maybe you read a lot about fragmentation of files.

If you are an longtime Mac-User, in the past at OS 7-9 days, with old and slow harddiscs, fragmentation was an awful thing.

Since HFS+ and Mac OS X Panther, the file fragmentation isn?t the big problem anymore - if you have much freespace (>= 20 % free).

OS X 10.3+ try to avoid fragment an file at creation time and also tries to defrag files below 20 MB size.

So far , so good.

BUT !!!

Even Panther/Tiger can?t do their best, if your disk is near full (less or equal 10% free).
Or better explained: Your disk has some freespace, but its fragmented into very small pieces.

This is the main problem, not some little file fragmentation, which new and fast disks can handle with no problem.

If your freespace is fragmented into lot of very small pieces, OS X can?t defrag anymore and can?t avoid file fragmentation.

My GUI-Tool ShowVolumeFragmentation, which uses the hfsdebug commandline tool from Mr. Amit Singh, shows/prints out your file and freespace fragmentation state of any volume.

What's New:
rewriten, cleaner GUI
tabed result window, much better if you have more volumes to test
results as textfile(excelfile) , Textedit can read this
deactivated hotfile results.

Mac OS X 10.4 or later (10.3 should work)
10.3 users can use Tiger Version of hfsdebug !
Screen at leat 1024x700 pixel.

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