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PlusOptimizer is a utility from Alsoft, for all those users who converted their Mac OS to 8.

License: Trial
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 27K
Developer: Alsoft, Inc.
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Updated: 29 May 2006
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PlusOptimizer is a utility from Alsoft, for all those users who converted their Mac OS to 8.1 or later and were left without a disk optimization utility. PlusOptimizer optimizes your disks by defragmenting your files and free space. By optimizing your disks with PlusOptimizer, your disk performance will improve as the necessity of disk head movement will decrease, and the elimination of free space fragmentation reduces the possibility of fragmentation of newly saved files.

PlusOptimizer uses a nearly identical interface to Alsoft's PlusMaker, which won an Apple Design Award for Best Look and Feel. You can simply select a disk, graph the disk to see the current amount of fragmentation, and click a button to optimize your disks. It uses the same technology found in PlusMaker and DiskExpress Pro to give you the utmost in safety and security of your data. Like PlusMaker and DiskExpress Pro, PlusOptimizer can handle interruptions of any kind without compromising your data.

If you are still running any Mac OS from 7.0 to 8.0, or you are using Mac OS 8.1 through 8.6 and are using HFS (not HFS Plus) disks, then you should check out DiskExpress Pro for all of your disk optimization needs!

NOTE : PlusOptimizer will not optimize disks that have been written to by Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later. PlusOptimizer will optimize Mac OS X 10.0 through 10.3.9 Extended disks while running under Mac OS 9.x. In order to optimize these disks (including your Mac OS X startup disk), you should start your computer from a Mac OS 9.x disk such as a Mac OS 9 CD or a Mac OS 9 partition. (Please note that a disk initialized using Mac OS X must have had Mac OS 9 drivers installed for it to be available in Mac OS 9.) PlusOptimizer can be run on disks that have journaling turned on (Mac OS X 10.2.2 through 10.3.9).

What's New:
PlusOptimizer is now compatible with Mac OS 9.1.
PlusOptimizer is now compatible with Mac OS X Extended disks.
PlusOptimizer is now aware of the Classic environment (Mac OS 9 running under Mac OS X). It can tell when a disk is being shared between Classic applications and Mac OS X applications. Disks that are shared cannot be optimized by PlusOptimizer when it is running in the Classic environment. See the Mac OS X section below for a work around.
PlusOptimizer's anchor files list has been updated. Invisible files that were previously unknown to PlusOptimizer will now be anchored or unanchored automatically as appropriate.


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