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Resonator Resonator 1.0
Free VST resonance and morph effect designed to deliver the clear.
AutoFEM Frequency Analysis AutoFEM Frequency Analysis 1.7
AutoFEM Frequency Analysis provides calculation of resonant frequencies.
Global Consciousness Project Index Global Consciousness Project Index 1.1
Have you ever wondered about the state of the world? This real-time widget pulls data from the Global Consciousness Project and performs statistics on the data to produce an indicator for the resonance and coherence of the Earth.
F8 Audio Unit F8 Audio Unit 1.0
F8 Audio Unit is a filter effect with a nearly limitless choice of settings to achieve a huge variety of sounds, from traditional sounding wah or tremolo sounds to complex gate-like effects.
Space Effect Mac Space Effect Mac 2.0.2
The Space Effect processes audio, such as drums, guitars and synthesizers.
OttoPhormant OttoPhormant 1.0
OttoPhormant is a wah effect based on morphing formant filters.
PSP 84 PSP 84
PSPĀ 84 is a high-quality processor, capable of producing a wide variety of delay-based effects.
a-kit a-kit 1.3
a-kit is a set of 7 plugins (plus a registration plugin).
Ivory Ivory 1.5
Ivory is a groundbreaking Grand Piano Virtual Instrument featuring 40 gigabytes of stunning, all new samples of Steinway D, Bosendorfer 290, and Yamaha C7 grand pianos.
Power64 Power64 4.9.3
Power64 is an emulation program that allows you to run Commodore 64 programs with full color and sound.