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Archibald is a virtual drummer which improvises on your patterns.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 26722K
Developer: Eric Loillieux
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Price: $28.00
Updated: 12 Sep 2006
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Archibald is a virtual drummer which improvises on your patterns. As you're building your rythm in the step by step sequencer, you determine its margin of interpretation from 0 to 100%. It gives a better sound (which drummer would play two consecutive eighth notes making exactly the same shade and attack ?).

The power of interpretation of this machine may surprise you... Archibald is built with a 44,1 khz sampler with very realistics sounds.
The second sequencer, driving the first, allows to program sequences based on several bars.

A 44,1 khz sampler is incorporated in Archibald, with 192 polyphony's voices. Thanks to that, you get a more realistic sound on long resonance instruments, such as cymbals and toms. You get also snare drum's rollings on fast tempos.

The sound bank is a 45 mo file, reaching 40 samples an instrument (for snare drum p.ex.). So you come more close to sound diversity of real instruments.Whenever you want, have a look at CPU utilization.

Archibald plays every binary or ternary bars from 2 to 8 beats. Thanks to adjustable delays per note, create peculiar rythmics or obtain a specific and humanized "groove".

You have the possibility to choose between a stereo output or a multi channels output. The stereo output includes a mixing window. The multi channels output offers a 7 voices mix outside Archibald, thanks to hardware or software device; as if you have placed 7 microphones around a real drum kit.

Demo version is fully functional, but makes impossible to save your work in a file.
audio will be disabled after 30 minutes, and you'll have to relaunch the software to use it again.

What's New:
Correct bugs on ReWire synchro.

Minimum: PowerMac G4 400 Mhz - 256 mo RAM - screensize 1024 * 768
Recommended (is minimum for use with ReWire): PowerMac G4 1Ghz - 512 mo RAM - screensize 1024 * 768.

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