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NewsHunter3 is the online/offline news reader for OS X.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 2283K
Developer: Parker Software Development, Inc.
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Updated: 12 Mar 2006
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NewsHunter3 is the online/offline news reader for OS X.
You will enjoy using the new RapidQueue feature which makes queueing up files for download as easy as typing a search string.

The RapidQueue functionality can be used for speeding up other tasks too. Trying to find new files? Try searching on ".001" and you will quickly see all the new files posted. Want to find all the files with a similar name? Just start typing into the search field and watch as your overview list is filtered in real time, rapidly.

NewsHunter3 introduces an innovative way to search for and queue articles for download as well as a blazing fast download engine.

Here are some key features of "NewsHunter3":
Real Time Queueing - As you type your search into the search field, NewsHunter3's RapidQueue feature updates in real time a list of articles to download. Once you have found the articles you want, all you have to do is click the "Go" button and NewsHunter3 will do the rest. You never have to queue or dequeue another article in your life if you don't want to: RapidQueue practically does all the work for you.

Offline Reading - NewsHunter3 also provides a way for you to read your news groups offline. You can download an entire newsgroup, disconnect from your news server or from your internet connection, and read the newsgroup offline. Convenient if you have to pay high fees for internet access or if you want to take a newsgroup with you to a location that has no access to the internet.

Automatic Decoding - NewsHunter3 provides automatic decoding of binary files. If the decoded file is a picture, NewsHunter3 will display it in the Picture Viewer. And, yes, NewsHunter3 will automatically assemble and decode multi-part yEnc files so there's no need for concern in that area. And for those who desire total control, NewsHunter3's decoding functions can be turned off: in which case, all downloaded articles will be found in the spool folder. You are then free to process the raw files in any manner you see fit. Either way, automatic or manual, it's your choice.

Virtual Servers - Many service providers permit as many as six simultaneous connections to their news servers. NewsHunter3 lets you take advantage of this very easily by implementing "virtual servers." All you have to do is click the "New" button on the Server List window, enter your news server information, and click OK. You can create as many "virtual servers" as you like. The number of open connections you can maintain is of course limited by your service provider.

Less Screen Clutter - Once you have started downloading a newsgroup for offline reading or have started downloading a large number of binaries, you can actually close the news reader window and still monitor its progress on the Server List window. Users who have set up several "virtual servers" will appreciate this feature. You can even close the Server List window reducing screen clutter even more. Downloaded pictures will continue to display in the Picture Viewer when they are decoded.

What's New:
You can now use regular expressions to search for patterns in overview files.
To learn more about regular expressions visit

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