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GrabNews allows you to download files (pictures, audio, video.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 5157K
Developer: samsoft
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Price: $10.00
Updated: 11 Aug 2006
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GrabNews allows you to download files (pictures, audio, video...) from usenet newsgroups (usually alt.binaries.*)
• It is fast, simple, and efficient.
• It displays multi-part articles (i.e. files) as one article for easy browsing.
• It downloads all the articles, and decode them automatically into one file.
• It is 100% Cocoa application (No java, perl...).
• It is lighter and faster than any other binary news reader available on OSX. It is perfeclty fitted for heavy-loaded alt.binaries.* newsgroups that hold hundreds of thousands of articles (i.e. thousands of files).
• iGrabNews is not a common newsreader: there is no threaded display of articles, post article is not yet implemented

Here are some key features of "iGrabNews":
Multi Server.
Multi Groups.
Multi threaded (You can simultaneously download multiple files at the same time).
Download Queue (You can queue hundreds of downloads, that will be processed when connections are available).
Displays multi-part articles as one file to easily browse posted files.
Live display of posted files while refreshing the group.
Live and powerful search among thousands of files.
Incremental and Full refresh of groups.
Automatic decoding (yEnc, uuencode, and BinHex).
NNTP Authentication.
Auto refresh groups / Auto get files
Read posts
NZB File Support.

What's New:
Universal binary
Bug fixes
Multi-server load balanced nzb download
auto-pause of Par2 files
minor bug fixes....

iGrabNews runs on Mac OSX Panther 10.3.x and Tiger 10.4.x
A news (NNTP) server access with or without authentication.

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