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Unofficial EyeTV.

License: GPL
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Shawn Hsiao
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Updated: 18 Nov 2005
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Unofficial EyeTV.mdimporter is a Spotlight plugin for EyeTV recordings. The plugin retrieve meta data such as programming title, episode title, description from the recordings for Spotlight to index. As a result, users can search for recordings based on these meta data.

EyeTV is a PVR software that works with several tuner devices and is very popular in Mac OS X communities. However, EyeTV has yet to include features that help users manage and search recorded programs. For example, you can't categorize recordings of the same show, and you can't search based on the description or episode title of a recorded program.

On the other hand, Spotlight, a Mac OS X Tiger built-in meta data database and query interface, is a very powerful tool for searching, categorizing (using Smart Folder) files once proper meta data are assigned. A plugin can be implemented to supply customized meta data to Spotlight's database.

This project aims to implement a Spotlight plugin for EyeTV recordings. An EyeTV recording consists of a .mpg file (media streams), a .eyetvr meta data file and a few other files. This plugin, UnofficialEyeTV.mdimport, retrieves the meta data from the .eyetvr file and supplies them to Spotlight when it indexes the .mpg file. As a result, users can use Finder to categorize recordings, and can search for recording using the meta data.
Some helper applications may also be developed to help users in using EyeTV under this project.
What's New:
This release fixes a problem with .eyetvr generated by older versions EyeTV, in which 'recording title' and 'episode title' keys are missing. The 'title' key will be used if the two keys are missing.
A new custom attribute (net_sourceforge_aneyetvimporter_EyeTVRecordingID) is added.

EyeTV on Mac OS X 10.4.

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