Multimedia software reviews

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FlickrBooth FlickrBooth 1.1 Multimedia
FlickrBooth is a simple little plugin for Apple’s Photo Booth.
PulpMotion PulpMotion 1.0.1 Multimedia
Create fun animations using your own pictures, music and videos! PulpMotion’s got a full menu of visual themes that incorporate your media into clever animations that will wow your friends and family, impress your clients and colleagues.
Annotation Edit Annotation Edit 1.1.6 Multimedia
zeitAnker Annotation Edit is a complex editor for easy and fast creation and deployment of subtitles and annotations.
CardRaider CardRaider 1.0 Multimedia
You have found the easiest and most affordable way to recover lost photos from your digital camera, memory card or thumb drive.
SilverStack SilverStack 0.9b1 Multimedia
Pomfort SilverStack is a unique software tool for viewing, managing and exporting image sequences - developed in close collaboration with professional users from the movie industry.
SoftSkies SoftSkies 1.1 Multimedia
SoftSkies is a music visualizer and screensaver that produces mood-enhancing animated cloudscapes, rich with color and realistic motion.
CastCount CastCount 1.0 Multimedia
CastCount is a new way to access your podcasts in a quick, easy and convenient fashion.
Songbird Songbird 0.2.1 Multimedia
Songbird is a desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up.
Magrathea Magrathea 0.2 Multimedia
Magrathea is an application that allows you to manage and present your media visually on a map.
Sublime Sublime 0.9 Multimedia
Sublime is a program to edit, spot and render subtitles for DVD authoring, mainly for Apples great authoring suite DVD Studio Pro.
Magnet Magnet 1.0 Multimedia
Magnet is the easiest way to customize your movies and share them with your friends.
Media Browser Media Browser 1.0 Multimedia
The Kudlian Media Browser displays all your photos, images, movies and music on your Macintosh.