Compression Tools software reviews

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StuffIt Standard StuffIt Standard 11.0.2 Compression Tools
StuffIt Standard includes the free StuffIt Expander application for opening compressed, encrypted, and encoded files as well as the shareware DropStuff application for creating StuffIt X (.
Kung-Tar Kung-Tar 1.3.2 Compression Tools
Kung-Tar is a GUI front-end for gnutar.
Panther Unzip Panther Unzip 1.0 Compression Tools
Panther Unzip is a little utility I wrote to decompress Panther style zip archives under other versions of Mac OS X and keep the resource forks and creator/type codes in tact.
DotZip DotZip 1.0 Compression Tools
Drop any file(s) or folder(s) on the DotZip AppleScript and it will make a .
Make a Delivery Make a Delivery 1.2 Compression Tools
Make a Delivery is the next step beyond simply zipping files in a generic folder, or sending generic dmg's.
SimplyRAR SimplyRAR 1.0.9 Compression Tools
This is the first pubic release of SimplyRAR.
iShrink iShrink 2.2 Compression Tools
Shrink 2.
BetterZip BetterZip 1.3 Compression Tools
BetterZip is an archiving tool with a graphical user interface.
GZipper GZipper 1.2.7 Compression Tools
GZipper is a drag-and-drop program that gzips any files dropped onto it.
DropBin DropBin 1.5 Compression Tools
DropBin is a drag and drop utility for automatically binhexing a file.
unRarX unRarX 2.2 Compression Tools
If the command line is not your thing - here's a GUI front-end for unrar.
Springy Springy 1.2 Compression Tools
Eager to see a contents of an archive without being forced to extract any file from it? Frustrated wanting to add a few files into an archive and have to extract all files, add new files to extracted ones and then archive them all back again? Want to quickly extract few files of your choice from an archive? Desirous of full drag & drop archiving and extracting from and into Finder? Mad about preview of a file in an archive with just double click on it? Just want to quickly and easily delete or rename some files inside an archive? Want to do all archiving tasks quickly and efficiently using Finder contextual menu? Introducing Springy, simple and elegant, yet powerful archiving utility that will make your everyday archiving activities much more pleasurable.
bzip2 bzip2 1.0.2 Compression Tools
bzip2 is a freely available, patent free (see below), high-quality data compressor.
The Unarchiver The Unarchiver 1.3 Compression Tools
The Unarchiver is a much more capable replacement for "BOMArchiveHelper.
iTar iTar 1.2 Compression Tools
iTar gives you a GNU tar frontend.
CreaDMG CreaDMG 1.7 Compression Tools
CreaDMG is a program created to archive files into virtual disk images.