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HipScript is a package of utility scripts for Ircle 3.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: DamnHippie
Price: $0.00
Updated: 26 Apr 2006
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HipScript is a package of utility scripts for Ircle 3.0. It provides quiet automation of mundane IRC tasks for users and channel ops. It does not provide any war commands, channel takeovers, or features a channel op might find obnoxious.

HipScript is a plugin-based scripting package which allows users to choose which features they need, and also allows them to code their own plugins (or obtain them from other sources). HipScript is delivered with over a dozen standard plugins; there is no limit to how many plugins may be loaded at once, other than memory and processor power available to run them all.

HipTools is a scripts collection of list, string functions, and more, part of a package of IRC scripting.

Here are some key features of "HipTools":
User-defined aliases (define your own commands)
Define your own User Window buttons, or override Ircle's.
Schedule delayed execution of commands
Auto-send sound files to users who request them
A flexible auto-greeter.
Automated ping-request response and reporting
Automated responses to NickServ & ChanServ on DalNet
Optional auto-unban for channel ops
Automatic clone-checking and kicking for channel ops
Selectively ignore CTCPs and messages from certain users
A pager and message logger
Auto-whois users joining your channels
Flood protections, both for individual users and to protect a channel if you are an op.

Ircle 3.0.4 or later

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