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Crikey is an IRC chat client.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: hiddenMemory Development Studio
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Updated: 18 Oct 2005
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Crikey is an IRC chat client.

Here are some key features of "Crikey PR":
Concise help manual.
Attractive, clean and tidy user interface designed from the ground up for Mac OS X.
Innovative user interface making chatting and keeping track of conversations less demanding - such as:
New tab system that can handle a large number of tabs without loss of useful information. This allows the main window to be smaller taking up less screen real estate.
Popup balloons delivering information without interrupting what you are doing
Status bar item for easy switching.
Colour coding of messages - see what you have typed and what others have written.
Channel and user information at your finger tips.
Windows using colour codes to provide instant recognition.
Interface customisation, create and choose different theme very easily - it's your client use it how you want!
Fast and reliable.
Text completion and other short cuts.
Address book integration - link your friends to your address book allowing you to see who is online quickly as well as having their contact information at your call.
Multiple servers, multiple channels all handled very cleanly with ability to issue custom commands upon connect.
DCC chat(*), file transfer and file server(*).
Easy scripting system(*) allowing for extensions of the client to be written in ferite, AppleScript as well as native plug ins.
Logging support - don't loose track of conversations.
Intelligent URL support allowing you to click on a link and be taken straight to it.
Advanced away configuration allowing full customisation of nick names, away message and timing.

20 days trial.

What's New:
Fixed the problem seen when trying to link a irc user to an address book person [#4]
Fixed a bug that would cause the user list to show rubbish with the string NSImage [#7]
Fixed the problem where a user couldn't enter highlight words within the preferences [#11]
Fixed a problem that caused channel windows and tabs to become corrupted when a the channel/query was closed (by saying yes to the question) [#21, #23]
Fixed a problem with the join command not accepting a server group. [#6]
Implemented Auto-Pinning of tabs, it is possible to remember pinned states, temporarily pin when an important message comes through, and auto-pin when a query is opened. [#8]
Fixed the bug which would cause CMD+w to close a tab rather than the preferences window if it was active [#9]
Implemented the changing of the preferences title to reflect what was the focused item [#12]
Implemented auto-checking of new Crikey! versions, as well as a menu item to do the same [#15]
Partial fix for copy not copying channel text when auto-copy is turned off. From now on, if auto copy is turned on, the copy command uses the input box, otherwise it will take from the channel view. The other commands all use the input box for their function. [#20]
Fixed the bug causing the main window to jump above all others (preferences, channel/user information) [#5]
Added a "Don't Close" button to the tab close question box which will cancel the request. Yes will close the tab and close whatever it is connected to, channel or query, No will close the tab but leave the view intact. [#10]
Implemented a channel settings window which is similar in use to the user information panel. This allows various channel lists to be handled (ban, exception lists, protection etc.) as-well as the common modes. [#14]
Implemented channel topic changing by double clicking on the topic and the changing the text. Hitting return or clicking out side the topic will cause the topic to be changed. [#10]
Implemented the ability to change the user's nickname when going away. [#16]
Implemented tab completion for various commands such as /whois [#17]
Hopefully fixed the lag in changing the dock icon back to normal when there are status icons on it. [#18]
Implemented a status bar item with a menu as an alternative to the dock icon - very useful for people that have the dock hidden. It also reflects away/back status by being more faded and grey when Crikey! is set as away. [#19]
Implemented balloons for important messages that pop-up on the screen and then fade out after 5 seconds of use.
Added menu items to show the currently open and closed tasks within the task system.
Implemented Conference mode for channels.
Implemented a variable size input box for those that like more than one line of space. Crikey! will remember where the bar was when it restarts and closes.
Implemented the ability for registered users to set a default quit message. Non-registered users have a small advert for Crikey!'s home-page.
Implemented the start of a event based scripting engine ready for PR3.

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