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The Gene Construction Kit allows graphic manipulation of DNA sequences and sophisticated plasmid drawing options.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Textco
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Updated: 17 Mar 2006
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The Gene Construction Kit allows graphic manipulation of DNA sequences and sophisticated plasmid drawing options.
It has an award winning interface design that allows graphic manipulation of DNA sequences in addition to providing sophisticated drawing capabilities for Mac and Windows users.

Here are some key features of "Gene Construction Kit":
A powerful productivity tool that no molecular biologist should be without
Ideal for planning and tracking complex construction projects
Manipulate actual DNA sequences through a unique and innovative graphical interface
View construct either as a text sequence or graphically, linear or circular
Automatically monitor and adjust DNA fragment ends during cutting and pasting
Define thickness, pattern, shape, direction, and color for each DNA segment
Search, download, and import GenBank and EMBL files with all GenBank feature table items translated automatically into GCK features.
Unique Chronography feature tracks the history of any given DNA segment and maintains alternative views
Name and store comments with each generation (view)
Cut and paste DNA segments from one construct to another (including segment history)
View predicted electrophoresis patterns of restriction digests including partial digests
Show DNA with protein sequence and/or with restriction enzyme or other sites of interest
Create illustrations containing multiple constructs, gels, sequence listings, free text, legends and other graphics
File Searching module provides sophisticated database-like capabilities
Create silent mutations to add or remove a restriction site from a sequence without changing the coding information
Mark restriction sites using one or more completely editable and expandable enzyme lists
Auto-arrange restirction site markers
Find Open Reading Frames using any codon table you specify
Display the name of any region within the construct window
Frame segments of DNA in the sequence display. Frames can encompass the site markers, sequence, and/or regions of a construct. You can set the frame color and pattern.
Use 3-letter or 1-letter amino acid representation for protein sequences
Annotate sequence listings with custom 'adornments' to highlight sequence features
Display and maniuplate multiple constructs in the same illustration window
Add arrows, rectangles, ellipses (filled or empty) and text to illustrations
Select multiple objects in an illustration window and align them vertically and/or horizontally
Perfect for making color or black and white posters and figures for slides or papers.

Certain features, such as Print and Save will be disabled.

What's New:
Made some changes for compatibility with Windows GCK.

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