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Nearly all Macintosh users are confronted daily with security problems.

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Updated: 17 Apr 2006
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Nearly all Macintosh users are confronted daily with security problems. Although the data on your computer is not always confidential, it is very often valuable information. DiskGuard has been developed to keep your work safe without getting in your way. With DiskGuard, you can protect any hard disk connected to your Macintosh and prohibit unauthorized access.

Here's what DiskGuard offers you:

Two levels of protection
If you are the only person working on your Macintosh, you can protect your computer by typing in one password. That's all there is to it. If your computer is shared with other people, give them a second password which limits their access, according to your own requirements, to certain days of the week or to specific hours during the day.

Permanent security
At start-up, DiskGuard requests a password. No one will be able to start the Macintosh without supplying the proper password, even if he tries to boot with a System disk or holds down the Shift key to bypass extensions. DiskGuard also keeps a close watch on your computer while you are at work. When you take a moment's leave, DiskGuard automatically hides your screen from prying eyes. As soon as someone tries to access the computer, DiskGuard will prompt for the proper password.DiskGuard also keeps track of valid and invalid access attempts to your hard disk so you can see at any time if somebody tried accessing your computer during your absence.

Folder protection
DiskGuard allows you to protect folders against unauthorized access in a very simple way. From the Finder, select any folder on a protected hard disk and choose Protect Folder from the File menu. Once the folder is protected, it becomes invisible to anyone accessing the disk with the User password.

DiskGuard provides user-friendly yet complete security for your computer. Don't leave your Mac without it!

Additional PowerBook Options
Sleep instead of lock when running on battery: If you frequently run on battery power, you may prefer to check this option. Doing so will cause your PowerBook to use the sleep mode in place of the screen lock mode, thereby saving valuable battery power.Ask for password on wake-up: This feature is especially useful if you frequently leave your computer unattended while at work. Some PowerBook owners, however, may find this to be an unnecessary interruption. To allow a protected PowerBook to wakeup without requiring a password, simply deselect this option.

DiskGuard Remote is compatible with all Macintosh hard disks (SCSI, IDE, removable hard disks and hard disk partitions) and diskettes. Compatible with optimization and driver update software.

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