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MacMagic represents the next generation of WebPrint Plus technology.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3755K
Developer: MacEase
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Updated: 09 Feb 2006
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MacMagic represents the next generation of WebPrint Plus technology. The reason for the name change is that the features and capabilities of MacMagic have evolved so far beyond what the already highly rated WebPrint Plus was capable of doing that WebPrint's name no longer comes close to denoting the program's funtionality!

MacMagic literally adds so many powerful and easy-to-use features to your Mac -- which work with every program on your computer -- that it can transform the way you work with your Mac.

MacMagic will increase your productivity and provide you with a new level of control over the information on your Mac and on the Internet.

Here are some key features of "MacMagic":
MacMagic lets users select and extract just what they want from PDF files (text, pictures, and graphics), and MacMagic lets users create their own text files that contain just the info they want from a PDF file -- they even can add their own notes to the information taken from PDF files.
MacMagic lets users select and save or print just the info they want from web browsers (text, pictures, and graphics) eliminating wasting time, ink/toner, paper, and effort dealing with unwanted material. MacMagic also eliminates virtually all browser printing problems, such as getting blank and partially printed pages, and MacMagic lets users filter out unwanted ink-intensive ads.
MacMagic lets users select and print or save just the material they want from any program, including spreadsheets, databases, email clients, chat clients, newsreaders, AOL -- you name it.
MacMagic lets users instantly select and save or print anything in any program even if the item(s) normally can't be selected and even if items are non-contiguous -- even on-the-fly users can collect and combine info from multiple web pages/documents/programs (MacMagic is a powerful research tool).
MacMagic lets users instantly add notes of any length and/or time-date stamps to anything (text, pictures, and graphics) that they either save or print.
MacMagic lets users instantly create their own subreports from any database (including Quicken, FileMaker, and Now Contact to name just a few) and from any spreadsheet (including Excel) -- users even can add their own notes of any size to their customized reports.
MacMagic lets users instantly print, save, and edit the contents of the Clipboard and instantly add the contents of the Clipboard to an existing file -- even when the file is closed.
MacMagic also lets users instantly turn the contents of the Clipboard into a new file! (MacMagic essentially gives the Clipboard an unlimited capacity for working with users' data and can create an unlimited number of Clipboard files.)
MacMagic lets users select and save or print data from any program even when that program can't print or save any or all of its own data.
MacMagic enables users to automatically combine their selections -- even if they are non-contiguous -- and MacMagic lets users instantly convert any selection from anywhere into a new file or append the selection to a pre-existing file (even when the file is closed).
MacMagic gives users the option of accessing its powerful tools via customizable system-wide keyboard shortcuts which it adds to OS X.
MacMagic adds the most innovative and powerful contextual menu on the Mac to users' systems. Among its many innovative features, it can be dragged to any location, it can be kept open for multiple operations, and it will accept dragged and dropped data (both text and pictures/graphics).
MacMagic provides users with unprecedented flexibility in how they can choose to use it. Just some examples include giving users a choice of multiple -- customizable -- interfaces to work with, adding a Desktop Printer option to OS X that includes a WebSaver feature for saving selected text and images from anywhere, and the option to use MacMagic as an invisible background utility.
MacMagic includes a file/folder generator that lets users both instantly convert any data -- text, pictures, and graphics -- from anywhere into a new file and add their data to a pre-exising file. (Since MacMagic files don't need to be open to accept this data, MacMagic minimizes Desktop clutter and eliminates having to waste time tediously switching between programs and copying and pasting data.)
MacMagic eliminates the need to waste time navigating Open, Save, and Save As dialog boxes -- MacMagic automatically creates and organizes files and folders.
MacMagic includes powerful file management tools that let users instantly duplicate, rename, move, delete, and backup files.
MacMagic creates files as text files, so they can be opened by all text editors, all word processors, and most other programs that can work with text files.
MacMagic includes a powerful built-in text editor that lets users work with the data they collect from any source and that also lets users create data from scratch -- the text editor also works with pictures/graphics.
MacMagic includes MacEase's highly rated Print It! technology (accessed from the Tools menu) which provides WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) printing. With Print It! technology, if you see it, you can print it! Print It! technology also works with the Finder, so it's easy to create Finder lists of anything and print them
MacMagic includes Save It! technology (also accessed from the Tools menu). If you see it, you instantly can select and save it with Save It! technology. MacMagic's Save It! tool saves users' info to MacMagic's Active File or to a new file that users can create on the fly.
MacMagic's Print It! and Save It! tools can be used to instantly crop pictures/graphics.
Print It! and Save It! technology also can be used with any program's Print Preview function.
MacMagic includes an Auto-Scaling feature that works with the Print It! tool. When selecting an oversized area, the scaling guide provides a dynamic display of the scaling value to use in the Page Setup dialog for printing 100% of users' selected material on a single page.
MacMagic includes many other powerful productivity-enhancing features.

fully functional 10-launch demonstration version.

What's New:
A Drawer Display mode has been added, and it supports drag-and-drop both for printing and for saving your data. It also provides full access to MacMagic's other features.
When displaying the list of your MacMagic files, quickly pressing any combination of keys (letters and/or numbers) auto-scrolls the list.
MacMagic's powerful Print It! and Save It! tools now can be accessed via user-configurable (system wide) keyboard shortcuts that MacMagic adds to OS X.
Enhanced windows and graphics have been added throughout MacMagic.
MacMagic's Keyboard Shortcuts window now has an option to print the user-configurable keyboard shortcuts on a specially formatted page (the printout is small enough to easily fit on a Sticky note).
New preference options have been added to MacMagic, including preferences for controlling the functionality of the Desktop Printer that MacMagic adds to OS X.
Option-clicking the Desktop Printer is a new shortcut to access MacMagic's preferences.
Clicking any Active File window is a new shortcut for instantly opening the file in MacMagic's Editor.
An automatic notification system has been added to MacMagic to notify you when an update to MacMagic has been released.
Highlighting any URL in the MacMagic editor that starts with either "http://" or "www." and then holding down the Command-Shift key combination while clicking on the URL launches your Web browser and takes you to the URL.
MacMagic's Editor now remembers its previous location when you reopen it.
With the MacMagic Editor open, double-clicking on any MacMagic file in the File Display window opens that file in the Editor. (Previously, you had to manually close the Editor before being able to view a different file in it.)
When the MacMagic Editor is closed, holding down the Option key while double-clicking on any MacMagic file in the File Display window makes it the Active File and automatically opens the file in the Editor.
A paragraph counting function has been added to MacMagic's Editor's list of text tool functions.
Many additional enhancements have been added to MacMagic.

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