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The Startup Security application enables firmware security on your Macintosh.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 451K
Developer: Chaotic Software
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Updated: 13 Jun 2006
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The Startup Security application enables firmware security on your Macintosh. Available for Mac OS 9 and X, you can protect your computer from harmful use by changing a few simple settings. When Startup Security is combined with a physical security solution, your machine virtually becomes an impenetrable fortress!

Combined with recent Macintosh firmware updates, you can use Startup Security to provide a greater level of security for your system.

Here are some key features of "Startup Security":
Set a firmware password so that boot device settings and other machine parameters cannot be changed without authorization.
Completely prevent boot-up of a machine without the proper password.
Enable three different modes of security -- Off, Default Boot Device Only and Full.
On Mac OS 9, install an extension that can be used to ask for the password on startup and wake from sleep, as well as prevent shift-booting to disable extensions.This helps increase security on Mac OS 9 installs as well as dual boot Mac OS 9 and X systems!

15 days trial.

What's New:
Beefed up security for Mac OS 9 installations (which also benefits dual boot
Mac OS 9 and X systems):
Added support for asking for a password when waking from sleep on Mac OS 9 systems.
Changed Extension to load before all other Extensions to make it more difficult to bypass.

Apple Firmware Update, version 4.1.7 or later.*
iMac, iBook, G4 Tower, G4 Cube or G4 Powerbook.

*Some of the Mac OS 9 security features can be used on machines that do not have the latest firmware updates, such as the extension.

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