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iStarter iStarter 2.0 Status Info
iStarter is a Dashboard widget that allows you quick access to quickly switch user, restart, sleep and shutdown your Mac.
PowerPet PowerPet 1.7.2 Status Info
This Mac widget will help you keep track of your pets’ feeding times.
DiskSpace DiskSpace 1.0 Status Info
DiskSpace is a simple widget which displays the volume name of all your connected disks and their availible space, plus a graphical bar of the occupied percentage, to enable quick and easy monitoring.
Roman Clock Roman Clock 1.1 Status Info
Roman Clock Widget is a digital clock using roman numerals to display the time.
Desktop Dustup Desktop Dustup 1.0 Status Info
Does you desktop look like a couple of bulls in a china shop? Have no fear, Desktop Dustup is here.
InerziaUptime InerziaUptime 1.0 Status Info
The system uptime is shown and updated at a rate that can be given in the preferences, from one seconds to one minute.
Freeware Widget Widget 1.0 Status Info
Decimal Time Project Clock Decimal Time Project Clock 1.0 Status Info
The DTP Dashboard widget calculates the date and time in a decimal format and displays it.
Easyflirt Partners Reports Easyflirt Partners Reports 1.0 Status Info
This is the first version of the widget.
Emory Dunn Digital Clock Emory Dunn Digital Clock 1.0 Status Info
If you have a widget covering your clock, to check the time you must close Dashboard look at your clock then open Dashboard up again- this is the solution: a big digital clock that is displayed ON your Dashboard.
Apple’s 31st Birthday Countdown Apple’s 31st Birthday Countdown 1.0 Status Info
Apple’s 31st Birthday Countdown is a widget that counts down to Apple’s 31st birthday.
Lepidopterology Clock Widget Lepidopterology Clock Widget 2.0 Status Info
Lepidopterology Clock Widget is a simple digital clock provided by Lepidopterology.
Bob Widget Bob Widget 1.0 Status Info
Bob is a cell phone provider in Austria.