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TNT Tracker TNT Tracker 1.0 Information
The TNT Tracker widget allows you to track TNT shipments right from your dashboard.
JoT Coffee JoT Coffee 1.3 Information
JoT Coffee is a Dashboard widget that shows the current Joy of Tech comic's thumbnail, as well as displays a random comic thumbnail with links to the comic! Requirements: ยท Internet connection.
Lexink Widget Lexink Widget 3.0 Information
Lexink widget brings the latest books, tv shows and movies our creative minds have discovered to your desktop in .
CheckDomain CheckDomain 1.1 Information
CheckDomain allows you to check the availability of .
Freeware RWThemes Tracker RWThemes Tracker 1.0 Information
Track the status of RWThemes at davecantu.
Dashalytics Dashalytics 2.2 Information
Dashalytics Widget is a free Dashboard Widget for OSX that offers quick access to Google Analytics statistics.
Meteo Meteo 1.1 Information
Meteo is a widget that can show you detailed weather information for Switzerland.
GeoIP Lookup Widget GeoIP Lookup Widget 0.2 Information
GeoIP Lookup web service is an experimental tool to generate Google Earth plugins from traceroute outputs.
APOD Viewer APOD Viewer 2.1.0 Information
APOD Viewer is a widget for displaying the Astronomy Picture of the day from http://antwrp.
Weather Radar Weather Radar 3.0 Information
0Weather Radar Widget shows the actual rainfall on a map for Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.
MicroStock Watcher MicroStock Watcher 1.1 Information
MicroStock Watcher is a Dashboard widget that checks photographers' stats on up to six microstock photography websites.
US Open 2006 US Open 2006 1.0 Information
US Open 2006 is a scoreboard widget for the 2006 US Open Grand Slam in Flushing Meadows, Queens.
Arsenal Arsenal 1.01 Information
Arsenal is a widget that will display the date using Arsenal's 2006-2008 home jerseys.
Virginia Cavaliers Calendar Virginia Cavaliers Calendar 1.0 Information
Virginia Cavaliers Calendar is a widget that displays the date using Virginia Cavaliers jerseys.
InsiderPages Widget InsiderPages Widget 1.0 Information
This Dashboard Widget helps you search the InsiderPages.
MoonCal MoonCal 1.2 Information
This simple calendar displays the phases of the Moon for each day based on 0 hrs Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
AppleIIGo AppleIIGo 1.0.1 Information
AppleIIGo is an Apple II emulator written in Java.
TNG Time TNG Time 1.0 Information
There already is a time widget with or without dates in Apple Dashboard, but there is none with the stardate of Star Trek in The Next Generation look.
CoreDuoTemp Widget CoreDuoTemp Widget 0.1 Information
Supervise the temperature of your Intel Macintosh with CoreDuoTemp.