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ChatFX gives video effects within iChat.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3491K
Developer: script software
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Updated: 08 Aug 2006
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ChatFX gives video effects within iChat. Simply Fun - No more boring chat face!
ChatFX brings outstanding visual effects to iChat using Quartz Composer. Normal teleconferences are plain.

Talking and seeing people in offices and cubicles is ordinary. Spice up your chats and make them more memorable with special effects by ChatFX.
Change the entire landscape of your room or office. Keep it interesting. Create your own video effects and virtual sets just like on TV news and weather reports.

What's New:
added the ability to change the settings for each composition. this big change means you can set the chromakey color in bluescreen easily or the size of vortex or the picture in slideshow or the background movie in bluescreen all without having to use quartz composer.
separated preferences into a separate file.
added many new compositions. here are a few.
Cubic Photos Slideshow which shows a folder of photos or uses spotlight to find images by keyword on the sides of a cube.
Kero in Torus which shows the possibilities to use ChatFX for network type games.
Me and My Desktop is a new take on mixing your video and the desktop.
Bubbles - which does bubble in your video.
Swarming Jivas - which puts up a swarm of your little avatar.
My first QC is a demonstration of what can happen when a normal person is brave enough to try creating a composition in Quartz Composer for the first time. He also made a tutorial to document his experience.
please check the FAQ if you want to learn more about ChatFX.

Built-in, FireWire, DV or USB camera, jabber or aim (free) account.

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