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I have iChat and Skype.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Updated: 28 Sep 2006
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I have iChat and Skype. Contrary to my wife's opinion, I do -not- spend "every waking moment at the computer." Therefore, I wanted a way to toggle my availability in iChat and Skype without having to visit a bunch of menus to do it. So I wrote a little Applescript that, when run, sets your state in both to "away" if you're currently available; or to "available" if you're currently away.

As of the time of this release, Skype does not give feedback about anything to Applescript, including its status, so instead, the script looks at iChat to see what the status is.

If the iChat status is "available" then it sends commands to both iChat and Skype to set your status as "away."

If the iChat status is "away" then it assumes that both are away, and sets them both to "available."

Because of this limitation in Skype, it is not currently possible to do a toggle for Skype only... AFAIK... so -please- don't ask.

Yes: that means that if you have only Skype and/or run it but not iChat, this script will not work. You have to have iChat running for this script to work.

My suggested use for the file is to hook it up to a keystroke, or other button-press, using QuicKeys or whatever other method you like. I've got mine hooked to a spare trackball button. Press once to go offline; press again to go online. Makes life a little more simple anyway...


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