BitWise Routing Server 1.7.1 review

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The Routing Server allows multiple PCs behind a router to make direct connections.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: Bitwise Communications, LLC
Price: $0.00
Updated: 16 Mar 2006
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The Routing Server allows multiple PCs behind a router to make direct connections.

It allows you to accept BitWise connections to multiple computers behind a router. Typically, using a router, you would set up port forwarding on BitWise's client port (4137), and specify a single destination IP. This is fine until multiple users behind a router all need to accept incoming connections.
As shown by the picture at right, the Routing Server allows individual users to register themselves with the Routing Server, and then the Routing Server accepts all incoming connections and directs those connections to the appropriate user.
The Routing Server requires that your physical router support port forwarding with a way to specify different external and internal ports (this is sometimes labeled "UPnP" by many common home routers).

What's New:
Voice chat ringing sound will now play every 8 seconds (like a phone rings repeatedly).
Tooltip on contact list groups show how many contacts are online in that group.
Allows simultaneous login into two different Professional Networks with the same username.
Fix auto-login for BitWise Professional users (any Network ID > 0).
Setup window and conference invitation window take keyboard focus when opened.
Don't process additional /me's after the first one.
Fix auto-receive when a directory already exists with the name of the file being received.
Various wording tweaks and modifications to make the interface more friendly and/or consistent.
Updated Speex to version 1.0.5 from version 1.0.4 on all platforms.
Updated Expat to version 2.0.0 from 1.95.8 on Windows and Mac (Linux uses system Expat).
Updated wxWidgets to version 2.6.3 from 2.6.2 on Windows and Linux, to version 2.7.x on Mac.
Windows: Fixed first letter typed in a new message window from being in the default Windows font.
Windows: The setting for BitWise to control a dial-up connection is now disabled by default.
Mac: First version to natively support both Intel and PPC processors with a universal binary.
Mac: Contact list can be opened using Command 1, or 2, 3, 4, etc with multiple logins.
Mac: Read-only single-line text controls can now be highlighted and can have text copied from them.
Mac: Message boxes now use OS X alert icons rather than the BitWise lightbulb.

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