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Basic Algebra Shape-Up Basic Algebra Shape-Up 4.0
Hands-on algebra tutorials covering integers, expressions, equations, and more.
Algebra - One On One Algebra - One On One 1.1
Makes learning algebra fun. 21 skill levels. Learn step by step.
DeadLine DeadLine 2.36
Analyze, solve, and plot various mathematical equations.
Sudoku Online Solver Sudoku Online Solver 1.2
Sudoku Online Solver
Linear Algebra Linear Algebra 2
Performs computations associated with matrices.
Privacy Solver Privacy Solver 3.0.0
Removes traces of Internet activity and every-day use from your computer.
Free to try
Su Doko Solver Su Doko Solver 1.4
Solves the game Su Doku
MatheAss MatheAss 8.2
One of the most popular Shareware Math Programs in Germany
AlgeKalk AlgeKalk 2.0
AlgeKalk allows you to perform common algebra-related tasks on numbers.
FreeCell Solver FreeCell Solver 1.0rc5
Ever get frustrated while playing Freecell? Want to see if my program can play as well as you? Are you just really bored? Then check out FreeCell Solver.

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