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Sudoku Online Solver Sudoku Online Solver 1.2
Sudoku Online Solver
Privacy Solver Privacy Solver 3.0.0
Removes traces of Internet activity and every-day use from your computer.
Free to try
Su Doko Solver Su Doko Solver 1.4
Solves the game Su Doku
FreeCell Solver FreeCell Solver 1.0rc5
Ever get frustrated while playing Freecell? Want to see if my program can play as well as you? Are you just really bored? Then check out FreeCell Solver.
Mortgage Solver Mortgage Solver 2.0.9
Mortgage Solver is a app specially designed to calculatemortgage loans in both Canadian and U.
A.I. Solver Studio A.I. Solver Studio 0.9
A unique pattern recognition application for classification problems
Su Doku Solver Su Doku Solver 1.0
After studying the Su Doku puzzle in The Times one day, I figured there had to be a mathematical way to solve the puzzles.
Sudoku Solver Sudoku Solver 1.02
Sudoku Solver is a helpful widget that can be used to check solutions to the popular puzzles that people can constantly be seen working in newspapers, books, and online websites.
TEA Crossword Helper TEA Crossword Helper 2.11
Crossword solver with over 6 million words and phrases
As the name implies GNUDoQ is an open source, graphical Sudoku generator and solver with printer support.

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