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With You Control: Fonts, you get a single font menu that is consistent across all of your favorite applications.

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Updated: 20 Dec 2006
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With You Control: Fonts, you get a single font menu that is consistent across all of your favorite applications. Rather than modifying the font menu that belongs to an application, the You Control: Fonts menu resides in the Mac OS X menu bar next to your default system menu items (like the Airport monitor for example). No more having to remember if an application's font menu is in the menu bar or in a palette that is on the left, right, top or bottom of your monitor.

The You Control: Fonts menu can even be configured to appear wherever your mouse is when you press a hot key combination that you define.

If you also have You Control [link to You Control product page], you can access the font menu in even more locations so that it is anywhere you want it.

The You Control: Fonts menu will not only display the fonts in their own typeface, but will also give you a waterfall style preview of each of your fonts. You choose the text, the size and how many lines to display.

For users of Suitcase X1, You Control: Fonts will display any font sets created in Suitcase X1. Using the AppleScript support built directly into Suitcase X1, you can now view your font sets and even activate and deactivate your font sets from the You Control: Fonts menu.

Works with the applications you work with

You Control: Fonts supports the following applications.

Adobe Photoshop CS
Adobe Illustrator CS
Adobe InDesign CS
QuarkXPress 6
Microsoft Word vX
Microsoft Word 2004
Macromedia Freehand MX
Macromedia Flash MX
Macromedia Fireworks MX
Microsoft Excel 2004
Microsoft PowerPoint 2004
Suitcase X1

If you have hundreds (or even thousands) of fonts, it's hard to remember what each and every one of them looks like. After all, you don't use all of your fonts every single day. Wouldn't you rather see what your fonts look like before you apply them rather than after and having to do the trial and error process over and over and over?

Built upon the award-winning You Control custom menu utility, You Control: Fonts allows you to create a custom font menu that not only displays the fonts in their own typeface, but also groups your fonts by family, so your font menus are more streamlined making it easier to find your fonts.

Here are some key features of "You Control: Fonts":
Assign Hot Keys to your commonly used fonts
Use"key scrolling" to quickly jump to any font in your menu
Suitcase X1 Support
Display Fonts in their own typeface
Customize the display size of the fonts
Sort type styles by name or weight
Display a waterfall style preview of your installed fonts
Creates a custom collection in Font Book to access your favorite fonts
View and access recently used fonts at the top of the font menu
Change point sizes of selected text in supported applications
Access and edit Font Book Collections
Assign a custom hot-key combination to your font menu to display the font menu anywhere on your screen

15 days trial.

What's New:
Supports font previews and activating of Extensis Suitecase font sets.

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